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Huge Piece of Sun Breaks Off, Scientists Stunned

The Sun has always fascinated astronomers. And now, a new development has baffled scientists. A huge part of the Sun broke off of its surface and created a tornado-like swirl around its North Pole.

Though scientists are trying to analyse how this occurred, the video of the development has stunned the space community.

The remarkable phenomenon was caught by NASA’s James Webb telescope and shared on Twitter by Dr Tamitha Skov, a space weather forecaster, last week. The Sun keeps emitting solar flares (called prominence) that sometimes affect communications on Earth, hence scientists are more concerned about the latest development.

“Talk about Polar Vortex! Material from a northern prominence just broke away from the main filament & is now circulating in a massive polar vortex around the north pole of our Star. Implications for understanding the Sun’s atmospheric dynamics above 55 degrees here cannot be overstated!” Dr Skov said in a tweet last week.

According to NASA, the prominence is a large bright feature extending outward from the Sun’s surface. There have been several such instances in the past but this one has stumped the scientific community.

“More observations of the #SolarPolarVortex reveal it took roughly 8 hours for material to circumnavigate the pole at approximately 60 degree latitude. This means an upper bound in the estimation of horizontal wind speed in this event is 96 kilometers per second or 60 miles a second!” Dr Skov said in a subsequent tweet.

Solar physicist Scott McIntosh of the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research, who has been observing the Sun for decades, told that he had never seen a “vortex” like the one that occurred when a piece of the prominence broke away and was whipped into the solar atmosphere.

Space scientists are now analyzing the strange event to gather more details about it and present a clearer picture. Though our favourite star is monitored round-the-clock, it keeps throwing surprises, like the multiple powerful flares this month that disrupted communication on Earth.

  • John says:

    The Pagan Antichrist Democrat voting demonic scientist haven’t seen shit yet they’re worried about a tiny piece of the sun breaking off they need to stick their heads in the ground when Christ unleashes his wrath upon this demonic satanic scientific Community who’s trying to outplay God and recreate everything God created it says in the Bible that man will be destroyed for that reason hope these demons are ready to experience things not only that they can never understand but they’ll burn in hell for for eternity they’re purely demonic Antichrist Humanity experimenting demons

  • Rudog says:

    yeh…Divine Boss upstairs stated: I shall Never again overwhelm earth with flood waters…keep observing…sun losing parts?? thinkin’ thru…that fire could be flung this way….

  • Roger says:

    This is observed happening every sun cycle. Just another day observing the sun. Some greedy people selling fear like the climate change activist.

  • Glenn Lego says:

    Hopefully it broke off at night so it won’t be too hot.

  • The Count says:

    It’s obvious things are happening that we have NEVER SEEN before like it! Earthquakes are more numerous, and getting Stronger! UFO’s more numerous than ever. Now the Sun is breaking apart! really?!! Perhaps we should take these things at face value and turn our eyes toward God, and the things HE wants for this World – before EVERYTHING falls apart (as is spoken about in the Bible).

    Maybe it’s TIME for men to Repent, as God says, and turn to God and the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ, before it’s too late, and we’ve missed the very thing that God wants the MOST from us – our acknowledgment and acceptance, not denial and rejection, of His Great Love for all Mankind within the ‘window of Time’ God has given us to Receive Him as our Lord and Savior, and for which He equipped us with a Brain, a Conscience, a Mind, and a Self-Will to make good choices and decisions for our Lives on Earth.

    God provided Full Forgiveness and Redemption through Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection for Every Man on Earth who calls on Him. But there is just one thing left to be done – You have to Call on Him, Receive his Gift of Forgiveness for Sins, and Acknowledge that He IS your Lord and Savior who died for you to save you from your sins and transgressions, and then let Him change your Life with His Love. God is not a Slavemaker. He wants Relationship with you out of your own desire to have Relationship with Him. He will not Violate a Man’s Self-Will, but Waits to be Invited to come in and take up residence within your heart. And He will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you, but sometimes Men will leave Him, and forsake God, but God never initiates that. Men do – and have.

    But no matter WHAT you do, God still loves you and will forgive you when you repent to Him of your Sin – it is NEVER too late, as long as there is still breath in your lungs. But don’t wait. We never know what God knows, when you will take your final breath here, and it is over. God has said in His Word at 2 Peter 3:9, that ‘God desires that NONE will perish, but that ALL would be Saved.’ And God MADE that desire possible. Only ONE thing stands in the way – and that is YOU. Not your Sin. Not anything you have done. But only that a Man reach out and TAKE what God offers to everyone – Life with Him Forever! As long as you can read this and respond, it is not too late for you.

    I have talked to people who think they have ‘committed the Unpardonable Sin’, and are SURE of that! But do you KNOW what the ‘Unpardonable Sin’ is??? It is to REJECT God’s Love! It is to NOT Believe that God is who He says He IS! It is to NOT believe that Jesus DIED for YOUR SINS, and PAID THE PRICE with His Valuable Blood for all Mankind’s Sin to be Forgiven! And the PROOF of that???

    It’s in His Resurrection from the Dead after 3 days (the prophecy from Jonah’s life story, of being ‘spit out’ of the whale after 3 days, to live again!) That was the PURPOSE of Jesus’ Death (payment for our Sin) and Resurrection (PROOF that He WAS Divine and God’s Son God SENT to Earth for us), and that one day we, too, as His Sons and Daughters in Christ Jesus, will with Him Rise up from this Earth in bodily form, to meet Him in the air, where He will escort us into the Courts of Heaven where His Father in Heaven is, and waits for us. It’s not a myth. It’s not a fairytale. It is coming.

    And the Bible says, ‘And so shall WE ever BE with the Lord.’ Get ready. He’s coming. The signs of the Times are recorded in the Bible’s pages, and we are seeing them all around us every day now! God wants YOU to be included among those who love and adore Him, who are beloved of God. He has made the ‘way’ possible. Jesus said, ‘I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME’ (John 14:6). And in another place, it says, ‘No other Name has been given unto Men, by which they must be Saved’ (Acts. 4:12).

    I pray that you will read a Bible (the 4 Gospels and Acts, and the rest of the New Testament). Psalms. Isaiah. Jonah. Exodus. Daniel. For starters. Jesus was a Jew in His life. All His Disciples were all Jews – and kept the Commandments and the Jewish Feasts and the Law. Jesus was a descendant of King David (as prophesied). Jesus’ mother was a virgin when He was born. All of the prophesies about Jesus’ earthly life (the Jewish Messiah) were fulfilled, including things pertaining to his manner of death, as in Psalm 22 (Matt 27:46; Mark 15:34). Read for yourself – and Believe!

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    It’s up to you. What will YOU do with God’s Gift of Love and Forgiveness and Mercy for your Sins?

    Can I just say here that some people mess with this simple understanding, and think (or teach…) that ‘to even say you have a part’ in ‘receiving’ Salvation somehow degrades God’s Sovereignty, as though ‘God cannot be Sovereign if YOU can ‘choose God’ or ‘choose Salvation’. Yet those SAME people offer ‘invitations’ in church settings for ‘people to come to Christ’ or to ‘give their hearts to Christ’, etc. So they DO believe it, or else how COULD anyone ‘accept’ an invitation to receive Christ? or ‘decide’ to give Jesus their heart??? It makes no sense.

    Some of these same people confuse people by saying that the Bible says, ‘Salvation is the Gift of God, and NOT by ‘works’, lest you could boast …’, and the Bible DOES say those things, but the MEANING of those things is NOT to say that ‘You cannot use your own MIND to make a decision for Christ or God,’ nor that you could NOT choose God’, ‘because THAT would BE a Work of Man’s doing, not a Gift of God’, they say. It’s TRUE that there are NO WORKS that ANYONE can do to ‘buy’ Salvation for themselves – many have tried. But God’s Gift of Salvation is Free to ALL comers!

    Yet others try to say that, although God GAVE to men their own Will and Choice and Decision-making ability (brain/mind/conscience), it does NOT APPLY to Salvation which is by only God’s Choice for ‘who’ can be Saved, and ‘who’ cannot. This is very wrong, but in only addressing ONE aspect of this claim, does it make any sense (and these people are not allowed to question this teaching), that God would GIVE to men a Self-Will, a Conscience, and a Mind/Brain to accommodate decision-making and choices in Life – but that He would PREVENT you from ‘using them’ for the single MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE and Decision in ALL OF LIFE – that being ‘deciding/choosing FOR GOD or AGAINST God, because the God of Heaven saved that Decision/Choice for HIMSELF ONLY, and NOT for mankind – but YOU can make EVERY OTHER DECISION and CHOICE in Life with them, just NOT THAT ONE???? Does that make any sense, when God is the God who Created all Logic and Reason, and gave them ONLY to Mankind, not to any other creature He created, including Fire, Water and the Air we breathe. Do ANY of THOSE have a ‘conscience’ by which they ‘decide’ what to do? Only Mankind. Because he is Special to God. Made in God’s Image, in fact. And only God has MORE of it than God’s Created Humankind does in all His Creation. It would make NO SENSE for Father God to deprive the USE of His special creations just for Mankind to Mankind for the Single MOST Important Decision that any Man will ever make in Life on Earth. What kind of God would DO that?

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    That is the Heart of the Lord God – that All Men might be Saved, and NOT Perish (in Hell for all Eternity without God). This is the Word of God – that ALL MEN might find and Know God, and be Saved! Do not therefore be afraid of ‘offending God’ by daring to think you can take God at His Word an CHOOSE HIM this day! to be Saved Forever, which is His Desire for You and All Men!

    If you want to know MORE about this subject and perspective on ‘Choosing God’ and ‘Deciding to be Saved’, I adjure you to go to ‘Gateway Church’ in TX, Pastor Robert Morris, who is a Baptist Pastor of a large Baptist Church, and he can assist you in understanding these things better than I ever could. He has lots of books and Pastoral Sermon Series that would be helpful also, if you’re interested.

    The important thing is that you TRULY realize that this is of utter importance to you that you Receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord before it is too late! because Scripture is being fulfilled everyday now, and I believe Time is getting short now before His 2nd Coming back to Earth, as He promised. But even before that happens, other things are in store for the Earth, as conveyed in the last Book of the Bible, the Book of the Revelation which the Apostle John had on the island of Patmos where he was exiled when Christians were being persecuted in the Roman Empire in the latter first Century, AD.

    If it seems to YOU that things are ‘speeding up’ today, that’s because THEY ARE. And Time is getting short! There is a coming Antichrist who will persecute the Jews. But probably before that, there is coming something the Church has called ‘the Rapture’ of the Church, when Jesus ‘comes in the Clouds, a Trumpet is heard, and all the Dead in Christ Jesus will suddenly be transformed out of wherever their remains are and be given ‘new bodies’, and they will ‘rise’ up out of the Earth to meet Jesus in the air, and after them, those who are still alive will also be transformed into a ‘new body’ (probably much like what Jesus had when He was resurrected from the dead ‘in bodily form’), and we will ALL be ‘taken up into Heaven with Jesus’ to meet our Father in Heaven. And then probably 7 yrs later, we will then ‘return’ with Jesus, appear over Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives, and Satan and the Antichrist will be put down, and Jesus will take up His Throne in Jerusalem, where he will reign over the Earth for 1,000 yrs!!! of Peace and Tranquility. And after that more things take place (you can read in Revelation chpts. 18-22) and the Time of the End comes to pass at the Earth’s end of 7,000 yrs. And those who are God’s will be forever with the Lord from then on. It’s fascinating to believe – but know that ALL prophetic Scriptures have been fulfilled except only those things that are still YET to come, and will BE fulfilled during Jesus’ 2nd appearance on Earth.

    If you haven’t read Revelation before, or your Bible at all, all you really need to know about the Future is that you want to be ready when Jesus comes! And that means that you have Repented, and asked Him to come into your heart, making Him Savior and Lord of your Life forevermore. And He will. If your heart is sincere about your decision, you only need to Love God and Jesus, and want to live for them and follow the Bible’s teachings (which is our nourishment, as David wrote in Psalms 119, etc.), it isn’t necessary for you to understand or know everything the Bible has in it, but the more you become familiar with it, the better you will understand God and know Him. Ask Him to help you with things that are hard to understand – and He will. He will guide you in all understanding. But don’t get discouraged if you feel you ‘don’t know enough’ about God. God is Patient and Kind! Take it step by step, and let God lead you, and start praying about everything so He can. God KNOWS you inside and out, and God knows what you can Bear, and He knows how much information you have to live by – and He understands you. And He loves you anyway!

    And if you get involved in a good Church (they aren’t all good… you need to know the Word of God (Bible) to know if the church is good or not). You can call or, or the 700 Club, are some ‘good’ places where they can help you find a good church in your area), this will help you immensely with good teaching, good tools, good classes, good counsel, good friends, prayer, etc. that will be a great help to new Christians seeking guidance and help to Grow in God’s Love. Be patient with yourself as you ‘Follow Him’. Read the Gospels, the words of Jesus. As Christ followers, our goal is to ‘be like Him’, and to let Him be your Example in life. You may find yourself realizing that ‘you have changed’, and you no longer like doing things you used to do, or being with people you used to admire. You may want to change things in your life that no longer ‘fit’ with the person you want to be, or are trying to be. Let God be your guide. There is an important Scripture in Ecclesiastes 3 that says, ‘There is a Time for everything under Heaven…’ that is a good lesson-giver for New Christians, or new seekers of God and Jesus, such as vs. 6 that says, ‘…A Time to Get and a time to Lose; a Time to Keep and a time to Cast Away…’, or vs. 3 ‘…a Time to Break Down, and a Time to Build Up,’ or vs. 5, ‘A Time to Cast away stones, and a Time to Gather stones together.’ It was made into a great song in the 70’s. There is a lot of Wisdom in the Word of God to the Seeker.



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