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House Republicans Accidentally Released a Trove of Damning Covid Documents

Republican lawmakers accidentally disclosed numerous messages revealing more about a conspiracy to cover up the likely origins of COVID-19 because of faulty image cropping.

The messages were released in a report on the origins of COVID-19 published this week by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Congressional investigators probed the creation of a research paper published in March 2020 in the scientific journal Nature Medicine that concluded COVID-19 is “not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus.”

Messages sent by scientists who contributed to the paper revealed that the report’s conclusion was a product of politics and deception rather than honest scientific rigor, however.

The report was prepared using “Acrobat PDFMaker 23 for Word,” and it included cropped screenshots of emails and messages exchanged by scientists and researchers who worked on or were consulted about the paper, according to The Intercept. Before publishing the report, committee staff apparently failed to remove the cropped parts of the images from the file, unintentionally making the full images accessible to a couple internet sleuths who later posted the full images.

Microsoft warns users of its Acrobat PDFMaker that cropped images are potentially viewable unless extra steps are taken to delete cropped parts of images.

“Cropped parts of the picture are not removed from the file, and can potentially be seen by others,” Microsoft notes, according to The Intercept. “If there is sensitive information in the area you’re cropping out make sure you delete the cropped areas.”

The committee has since pulled the original edition of the report and posted a different one. The original report, including the screenshots with the full images accessible, was preserved, however.

Some online have speculated about the cropped images and suggested some attempt at softening the blow to the scientists. The report released as intended is a harsh rebuke of the researchers’ actions and included damning messages showing the duplicitous work of researchers, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“The SSCP has released hundreds of pages of investigatory material and is committed to a transparent investigation into the origins of COVID-19. Messages related to the report are consistent with its conclusions and the facts of the investigation. Highlighting specific excerpts to emphasize statements and details is a common investigatory practice,” a spokesperson for the subcommittee, led by Ohio Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup, told The Daily Wire in a statement.

The messages revealed in the report show that while the March 2020 research paper concluded that COVID-19 could not have come from a lab, the scientists who worked on the report appeared to intentionally mislead people over the plausibility of the lab leak hypothesis. The researchers wanted to avoid even the appearance that a Chinese lab may be implicated in the release of COVID-19.

“Given the s*** show that would happen if anyone serious accused the Chinese of even accidental release, my feeling is we should say that given there is no evidence of a specifically engineered virus, we cannot possibly distinguish between natural evolution and escape so we are content with ascribing it to natural process,” Dr. Andrew Rambaut wrote in a February 2020 Slack message.

Dr. Kristian Andersen replied: “Yup, I totally agree that that’s a very reasonable conclusion. Although I hate when politics is injected into science – but its [sic] impossible not to, especially given the circumstances.”

Some U.S. investigators who were part of the team assigned to uncover the origins of COVID-19 believe that the virus is a result of Chinese military research into bioweapons, according to a report last month in the U.K.’s The Times.

  • Waldo says:

    And if you ever believed republicans we elected weren’t part of the problem, and were actually looking out for us, here you go!

  • STACY says:

    We could have handled the truth! What we can never handle are lies! Had we been given the truth on everything millions/billions worldwide would still be alive, have businesses, have jobs, had schooling, not committed suicide, not gotten divorced and on and on. Had we had the truth about therapeutics that worked liked ivermectin people would not have died! Lockdowns would never have happened! The lies made it a thousand times worse! It was all done to rig an election and how much damage has an illegal beijing biden done? Look at our world today, war, slavery, drugs, sex trafficking, open borders, losses in the stock market which is millions of people’s retirement that is the shit show!

  • k says:

    “IN OTHER NEWS”~ The WEF Wants You to Eat No Meat or Dairy by 2030 Because of the Weather (YET ANOTHER PLAN IN THE MAKING “DICTATING” WHAT WE SHOULD/SHOULDN’T EAT /DO)

    The global warming cultists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are in damage control mode after a 2019 report has resurfaced, in which their “ambitious” goals to fight global warming by the year 2030 were revealed.

    The goals of the WEF are so insane that it would require a major global de-population event to meet them, i.e., millions or even billions of humans would have to be culled.

    Led by Klaus Schwab, the WEF plans to reduce meat and dairy consumption to zero by the year 2030. You’ll be allowed 2,500 calories per day, presumably consisting of salad and crickets. No more meat and no more cheese will be allowed, however.

  • Vicki says:

    Accident or not we -the people, taxpayers, victims of a cover up,- deserve to see ALL un redacted reports . Millions of $$$ paid to liars and companies who produced jabs caused millions of deaths. Good honest physicians were slandered, fired and possibly had their license to practice revoked. Truth NOW!

  • Gary says:

    Why was Q19 accidentally released? I think it was a trial run to see if the powers that control every COUNTRY in the world would make us do what they SAY AND NOT ASK QUESTIONS! Did Q19 work for them? Yes and no. When the Vaccines were ready for use people were
    Scared so they took the SHOTS, but some people were not convinced and now we’re having more people who are now getting sick from the vaccines but they are not telling that to the people, it’s all ways (YOUR SICK BECAUSE OF ANY OTHER SICKNESS AND NOT THE VACCINES)!!! I have seen and heard there was a monument with 4 pillars that was destroyed that had some writings on it that stated how to control population in it. It was a section that stated we needed to take lose 6.5 billion people to sustain world, hunger and control populace. Why was it destroyed? only the elites in control of the world will not answer that question because those who know what nwo so they can rule by DICTATORSHIP!!!!!!! I pray that isn’t the USA BUT WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION WE HAVE I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH!!!!

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