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House Passes $1.2 Trillion Pork-Filled Bill to Fully Fund Government

Update: With just hours to go before a shutdown, the House has passed the $1.2 trillion minibus bill, which will now head to the Senate.

The vote was 286-134, with 112 Republicans and 22 Dems against.

All 100 Senators will need to agree to a vote to pass the bill before midnight. If this fails to happen, the government would be forced into a partial shutdown on Saturday morning.

President Biden has urged Congress to pass it quickly so he can sign.

“This hasn’t been a perfect process. But we should never let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” said House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) in response to the House passage. “This is a good result for the American people.”

The bill funds the departments of Homeland Security, State, Labor, Defense, Health and Human Services, among other things. Combined with the $459 billion bill passed earlier this month, the latest funding packages fully fund the federal government to the tune of $1.659 trillion through September, NBC reports.

House Freedom Caucus member Chip Roy (R-TX) railed against the fact that members only had around 24 hours to review the bill – and attacked his fellow Republicans for failing to secure immigration wins.

“My Republican colleagues cannot go campaign against mass parole and use the name of Laken Riley, because you pass a bill in her name, when you fund the very policies that lead to her death,” said Roy on the House floor. “Any of my Republican colleagues you want to spend this year campaigning against open borders — it’s a laugh. Because today, if you vote for this abomination of a bill, you will be voting to fund it. You will be voting to fund the very policies that you will campaign against.”

In short, Democrats bailed out Johnson once again – the same move which resulted in the ouster of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

House GOP leaders are struggling with the funding bill, as Speaker Johnson needs at least 100 GOP votes in order to pass it today, Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman reports.

These aren’t hair-on-fire concerns quite yet — but it’s approaching that level. The whip count at Thursday’s early afternoon vote series came in softer than the House Republican leadership would’ve liked. Leadership aides, however, expressed confidence they’d be able to deliver enough votes to hit the two-thirds needed to pass this 1,000-page measure. A partial government shutdown begins at midnight, although it won’t be fully felt until Monday.

There are numerous House Republicans concerned with the package’s lack of strict border security provisions, the huge price tag, the secretive negotiating process and even the lack of a pay hike for members of Congress. The unrest is especially acute among conservatives, who dislike spending bills anyway but are deeply upset with Speaker Mike Johnson here. -Punchbowl

Amid the chaos, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has filed a motion to vacate Mike Johnson as speaker.

A new $1.2 trillion government spending package Congress is trying to ram through faces significant headwinds in the House, where members are expected to vote on it later this morning.

The 1,012-page bill was introduced at around 3am Thursday morning – just 48 hours before a midnight Friday funding deadline. It must pass both the House and the Senate, after which President Biden will sign it (with crayons at the ready, we’re sure).

The package accounts for approximately 70% of discretionary government spending – and consists of six out of twelve total bills that Congress must pass each fiscal year to fund the government. The six others, around $460 billion in spending, were passed earlier this month.

According to Fox News, multiple GOP sources, two GOP lawmakers and one senior GOP aide think the package will pass, but by a tight margin.

On Thursday afternoon, however, the bipartisan deal hit turbulence – with one GOP lawmaker citing absurd pork contained within – including funding for LGBTQ centers and facilities that provide late-term abortions.

“This is not the bill that my subcommittee produced and supported. The Senate has taken liberties with their Congressionally Directed Spending requests that would never stand in the House,” said Rep. Robert Aderholt, (R-AL), chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on Labor and Health & Human Services (HHS).

“The House did not include these partisan funding projects in its Labor-HHS legislation. Based on these principles, the Senate shouldn’t either,” Aderholt continued. “I have multiple concerns, among them are the many new social services that this bill would create for the millions of illegal immigrants streaming across our border. Additionally, it would fund facilities providing routine abortion services, including late-term abortions. The Senate must respect the work of the House. In good conscience, I cannot and will not vote for these projects or this bill.”

Pork City

As usual, Democrats slipped in as much pork as possible, including:

– $850k for a gay senior home
– $15 million to pay for Egyptian’s college tuitions
– $400k for a gay activist group to teach elementary kids about being trans
– $500k for a DEI zoo
– $400k for a group to gives clothes to teens to help them hide their gender

About that $400k for clothes – that includes giving 13-year-old children chest binders, tuck equipment, and “counseling” without parental consent.

The bill is opposed by the House Freedom Caucus (described by Fox News as “ultra-conservative), which has accused House GOP leadership of accepting a weak deal that doesn’t score conservative victories.

  • JJ says:

    I’m disgusted with paying the world to exist!!! Why are we GIVING so much of our money to everyone else on the planet while many of these are wealthy countries??? Why are we GIVING so much of our money to other countries when their people are invading our country at the request of Joe Biden??? I am just about out of money partly because of Biden policies and partly because of a sick granddaughter that I am caring for!!! But I get sick to my stomach when I am taxed so much and it’s being sent somewhere else!! We have so many needs in this country that Democrats don’t want to address but they love giving our money away!!! People, we are broke!! They passed a $1.2 TRILLION budget that won’t even last three months!!!

  • Scurvydog says:

    I don’t care if the government shuts down. I do care abou the pork attached to the bill. I hope the conservatives take a stand, and say enough is enough. Fight to get border policies changed. Stop giving free education to frickin Egyptians, queers, and every other special class of turds the democrats want to buy votes from!

  • Dorothy says:

    What a bunch of non caring jerks. Just get the border closed before it is too late. Who are your people working for, the Democrats? They all make me sick and especially Chuck Schumer. You should have kept McCarthy as speaker because this Johnson has no guts.



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