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Horror: 11 Men Arrested, Accused of Gang Raping of 14-Year-Old Girl Then Burning Her Alive

Eleven men are accused of gang-raping a 14-year-old girl and burning her alive in a furnace after she went missing on her way to take care of her family’s goats in India last month.

Authorities in Rajasthan recently announced the charges filed against the group of suspects who police allege were involved in the gruesome attack on Aug. 3, the Times of India reported.

The teenager, who has not been publicly identified, vanished after she left her home to care for her family’s livestock, according to the Daily Mail.

Amid a search to find her, the girl’s brother saw “several charcoal furnances (kilns) set up by the people of a nomadic community,” police told the Times.

“Smoke billowing from one of the kilns drew his attention and made him suspicious as they were not active in the evening,” authorities said. “He rummaged through the kiln with a stick and sifted through the charred items.”

That’s how he found a bracelet that belonged to his sister – a gift he had given to her only days before she disappeared, police allege.

Authorities and forensic investigators found several body parts along with the girl’s clothing and shoes at the scene, according to the Daily Mail.

A spokesperson confirmed to the outlet the teen was alive when she was set on fire.

Court files say the girl may have been splashed with petroleum-based chemicals beforehand, the Daily Mail reported.

The case has triggered outrage across India, especially as two woman in Manipur were allegedly sexually assaulted as they were paraded around naked by a mob in a field in July, according to the outlet.

The violent cases have triggered nation-wide protests over safety concerns for women.

  • Quasimodo2020 says:

    And just think the Biden administration is letting people from countries just like that with the same morals and cultures of rape and crime pour across our border to infest the United States with their cultural values.



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