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Homeowner Shoots 16-Year-Old Who Approached Wrong Home, Sparking Mass Protests

A teenager was allegedly shot April 13 by a homeowner in Missouri when he approached the wrong house to pick up his siblings, sparking protests.

Ralph Yarl, 16, attempted to pick up his siblings as a favor to his parents when an alleged misread of the address had him approaching the wrong home in Kansas City, police said, according to KSHB.

Just before 10 p.m. officers with the Kansas City Police department were called to the scene where they discovered Yarl outside of the home wounded with a “life-threatening” injury, according to The Associated Press (AP).

“Despite the severity of his injuries and the seriousness of his condition, Ralph is alive and recovering,” Yarl’s attorneys, S. Lee Merritt and Benjamin Crump, said in the statement, according to CNN.

Police Chief Stacey Graves revealed the homeowner who allegedly shot Yarl was taken into custody and put on a 24-hour hold after which point they were released pending further investigation with the Clay County Prosecutor’s office. While investigators have stated there is no evidence the shooting was racially motivated, Graves assured the public it has not been dismissed as a possibility. Investigators are currently determining whether the shooting falls under the parameters of Missouri’s “Stand Your Ground” laws, The AP reported.

The incident sparked a protest which saw hundreds of people gather outside of the home where Yarl was allegedly shot, CNN reported. Chanting “justice for Ralph” and “Black lives matter,” protestors carried signs which read “Ringing a doorbell is not a crime” and “The shooter should do the time,”according to footage from KMBC.

“We are praying for healing for Ralph,” one of the organizers told the outlet. “We want to open the eyes of Kansas City to this injustice.

“We demand swift action from Clay County prosecutors and law enforcement to identify, arrest and prosecute to the full extent of the law the man responsible for this horrendous and unjustifiable shooting,” the statement from the Yarl’s attorneys read, according to CNN.

Though the investigation is ongoing, Graves told protestors she was aware of the concerns from the community, assuring the public at a Sunday press conference that she was “listening,” KSHB reported.

  • RP says:

    Somethings not adding up, I’ll wait for the final outcome. My ‘guess’ is he tried to enter the house without permission, we’ll see

  • Rich..... says:

    Am a conservative who has carried a weapon virtually all of his life. I have held concealed carry permits in multiple states over the years. I am a retired Vietnam Era Marine Corps Officer and an excellent shot. I train regularly with the weapons I own.

    There is yet a great deal of unknown information out there that we are not privy to…at least not yet. But, based on what they have released, it doesn’t appear as if the Stand Your Ground Law would be applicable. If the homeowner over reacted, then he should feel the full penalty of the law for his actions.

    Most Stand Your Ground Laws, regardless of state, have a common requirement that, before you can employ any use of deadly force, you must be confronted with a reasonable threat and a reasonable fear of death or grave bodily injury. As gun owners and carriers of legally obtained and concealed firearms, we also assume a grave responsibility to be fully cognizant of the laws and the proper, legal application of those laws as well as the responsibility to keep ourselves familiar, well trained with and proficient with all aspects of our firearms. The right to keep and bear arms carries with it a solemn, serious legal responsibility to know the law and to keep ourselves safe, proficient and judicious with the handling and storage of our weapons. Failure to do so is criminal.

  • Jeff N says:

    IF the teenager had somehow deserved to be shot, we would have been told this by now. The homeowner is a trigger-happy nutcase that should be put in prison for a long time and never be allowed to be in possession of another firearm.

  • Nanny says:

    Tell us the FACTS !!! Brainwashing suppositions don’t cut it.

    He must have done something that made the homeowners feel threatened.



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