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High School Athlete Found with 6 Foot Long Clot In His Leg – Ending His Football Career

A high school athlete was forced to end his football career after doctors removed SIX FOOT LONG blood clots from his legs.

According to the report, “Doctors are still trying to figure out exactly what happened to Kaden.”

Gee, what could have happened?

Watch the video below:

WTOL 11 reported:

It’s difficult to match the level of excitement for high school football players when their season is about to start. Yet, imagine all that build come crashing down on you.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be the reality one Wauseon junior had to tackle.

There was never a doubt, Kaden Clymer would have impact on the field. Yet, to do so without pads on came without warning.

“It started on August 1st,” Kaden’s mother Maurine Clymer said. “His dad took him to the emergency room after he was having severe pain in his back and legs.”

Teammate Tyson Rodriguez added “I was a bit confused because I didn’t really know what was happening. He just told me that he wasn’t feeling good.”

The night before the Wauseon Indians took to the field for their first Fall team practice, Clymer unexpectedly had to be taken to Toledo Children’s Hospital.

“His calves were swelled up four inches larger, in circumference, than they are now,” Maurine Clymer said. “So, he was very uncomfortable.”

Kaden Clymer added “I just wanted to go home honestly. I didn’t really care what they did to me, I just wanted to go home.”

Full of pain and uncertainty, Clymer received word that he had blood clots in his legs.

“I was really sad. I was crying and upset because I’ve played football my whole life and I just wanted to play with my friends,” the junior lineman said.

Six feet of blood clots were removed and because of the blood thinners he now has to take, Clymer’s football career is over.

Read the rest here.


    …PARECE QUE ESTAN DE MODA LOS COÁGULOS DE SANGRE, NADA MAS PORQUE SÍ. Y HASTA AHORA, NINGUN MEDICO SE VA A ATREVER A HABLAR MAL DE LAS SUPUESTAS “VACUNAS” CONTRA EL COVID 19 (quizás podamos comprender que cuidan su trabajo, pues como todos, viven de el, pero bien podrían buscar un mecanismo de comunicación que no los vincule para denunciar lo que sea que saben, lo que han visto,lo que les han ordenado incluso callar y sobre el manejo en hospitales de esta igual “PANDEMIA”)

  • Trying to figure out what happened? Come on…..noth8ng but that killer jab. I’m so sorry for this boy!

  • Michael says:

    Some day I hope to see a lot of people pay for the disaster they imposed on the citizens of this country. Politicians who pushed vaccine mandates, drug company executives, drug company scientists who lied, any drug company representative who publicly lied about the vaccine and social network executives who suppressed skepticism about the vaccine all need to be hauled to court, tried for crimes against humanity and locked away for good.

    These folks are no better than those that conducted medical experiments on prisoners in WWII concentration camps. We have soldiers in graves who died to end this kind of madness, and yet the socialist, Democraps and communists of this country brought this madness to our land.

  • Laura says:

    I read an article yesterday about a funeral director who has been embalming for over 40 yrs. He said that in those 40 yrs., he’s come across a handful of bodies that had serious issues with unusual clotting. However, since 2020 and the COVID vaccines, he stated that he has seen dozens of bodies, which were, before COVID, healthy people, young athletes etc. He’s found clots as long as a forearm and some as thick as your pinky finger pulled out of them. A lot of these clots, he said, looked like earthworms. Coincidence? I would like to know, out of all the people that have died due to COVID or those that were vaccinated maximally (2-3 shots plus booster) and then died, which “shot” they all got… Pfizer, Moderma, Johnson & Johnson, etc. If there’s a higher death rate of people that have of one or the other, the world should know. Wonder if anyone is researching THAT. It would be interesting to know.

    • Susan says:

      Laura, I read that also. No shot for me or my husband. Unfortunately most of our loved one have had it. My primary care physician thinks I am crazy for not getting the clot shot. Guess what? I plan to fire him!



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