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Here’s Why Meghan Markle Wasn’t at Ailing Queen’s Bedside

Meghan Markle made headlines Thursday when her husband, Prince Harry, traveled alone from London to Balmoral to visit his ailing grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. But according to a royal expert, the decision wasn’t really up to Markle — the former actress wasn’t invited by the family.

“It’s understood that the family wanted Prince Harry to be there, even though he was unable to get to Balmoral in time to see his grandmother,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. “But Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was not, we understand, invited to join the family.”

“She has said she will go to Balmoral another time,” Nicholl added. “But I think it is quite significant that Prince Harry traveled to Balmoral on his own without his wife.”

Notably, Meghan was reportedly alone in London, while her children Archie and Lilibet remain at the family’s home in Montecito, California, with their nanny.

Kate Middleton, now officially the first Princess of Wales since Princess Diana, also did not make the journey to Balmoral, but reports say it was because she was with her children on their first day of school.

Middleton was spotted picking up her three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, from school on Thursday.

The 40-year-old and the queen reportedly spent quality time together in recent weeks during a family visit to Balmoral, People magazine noted.

Markle and Prince Harry have distanced themselves from the royal family in recent years, giving up royal titles and throwing out charges of racism.

Alternatively, rumors about Markle bullying royal aides popped up in the media. In July, an investigation into the allegations concluded, but findings are being kept under wraps, allegedly because Buckingham Palace is “terrified” of antagonizing Meghan and Prince Harry, who’ve routinely trashed all things royal.

“Considering those who participated [in the investigation] did so at great personal and reputational risk to themselves, the fact that they haven’t even been told what the findings are is unfathomable,” a source explained. “I am sure they will be deeply distressed, but perhaps not entirely surprised given how things have been handled. The household seems to be terrified of upsetting or provoking Harry and Meghan.”

Notably, Meghan, did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral last year since the podcast host was pregnant with her second child and instructed not to fly.

  • NCGA52 says:

    Trash, always trash. She does not even know how to conduct herself even when allowed to be with other Royals. Looked like a total idiot when walking around with Prince William and Princess Kate. Constantly messing with her hair, grabbing or touching Harry . Totally disrespectful!!! Why would anyone want her around. Trashy gold digger!!!

  • Monteen McCord says:

    She is the Yoko Ono of the royal family. Too bad they both weren’t dropped off at the Tower.

  • NotPoliticallyCorrect says:

    Do not think the gold-digger was really missed

  • DDearborn says:


    So many people forget that, for better or worse, she is in fact still a “royal” by virtue of precedent and decree…As is always the case when it comes to the personal lives of the ruling elite, commoners are never privy to all the facts. And without all the facts, the truth, let alone our ability to pass judgement about their lives will eternally and intentionally remain out of reach of the masses…

    Unless you are a member of the immediate inner circle of the royal family, it defies logic and common sense for anyone to claim they can legitimately pass judgement on the personal lives of any of these royals, and that includes Meghan Markle. And even that inner circle is no less immune to personal prejudice and bias than the rest of us.

    Still, regardless of your opinion of her, it is impossible to ignore the fact that she is the only mixed race member of the royal family or that she has clearly been treated very differently (badly) compared to all the other women who have entered upper echelons of the royal family since WWII… People apparently have already forgotten the fact that not just attacks, but unsubstantiated indictments against her begin literally within minutes of her relationship with the Prince going public. Furthermore, by placing all the blame at her feet as alleged “insiders” and of course the ever obedient media have done since day one, has in the opinion of many, proven to be a far more damning indictment of Monarchy than any of her alleged sins…

  • Nancy says:

    Stop making this about race. Meghan was upset that she wasn’t in the limelight as much as Kate and started to throw a fit. She treated the staff terribly, and then was surprised that no one liked her. She and Harry made the decision to leave the Firm so deal with it. I wish the newspapers would stop reporting that they weren’t invited to several occasions. It’s because they are no longer Royals. That’s the bottom line. They decided to do that, so stop making it seem like the so called nasty Firm is doing it to them. Watch, it will come out that Meghan wasn’t invited because she’s black which is BS. Go home to American where the two of you decided to go. And what a surprise. No one here in America likes you either. LOL. You two reaped what you sowed.

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