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Here’s Why Hunter Biden Got a Sweetheart Plea Deal

Hunter Biden pled guilty to what amounts to a slap on the wrist on Tuesday, and new information is shedding light on just how the investigation made its way to that point.

According to Rep. Jason Smith, the DOJ twice stopped David Weiss, the US Attorney handling the matter, from filing charges in California and Washington, DC.

That directly contradicts statements made by AG Merrick Garland to the press that Weiss would be given full control without interference from DOJ leadership on how to proceed in investigating and prosecuting the president’s troubled son.

As you’ll see in a moment, things get worse from there.

Per RedState’s past reporting, in response to an IRS whistleblower coming forward charging malfeasance in the investigation, Garland told reporters early in May the following.

I refer you to the U.S. attorney for the district of Delaware who is in charge of this case and capable of making any decisions that he feels are appropriate.

Yet, if Weiss was capable of “making any decisions” that he felt appropriate, why did DOJ leadership step in to stop him from filing charges in other venues? There’s no way to square that circle, and the next question is obviously what those charges were. Was Weiss attempting to charge the more serious offenses mentioned by the IRS whistleblower as having been heavily evidenced by mid-2022?

That’s the next part of this revealed by the whistleblower. They say that the DOJ had enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with felonies for tax evasion, making false statements, and willful failure to file taxes. Why was the president’s son instead let off with a couple of misdemeanor fines and pre-trial diversion for his gun crime? It’s also not much of a stretch to say that the DOJ had Hunter Biden dead to rights on FARA violations given emails of him being paid by foreign entities to lobby the US government (namely, his father) exist. That’s the very definition of a FARA violation.

There’s more, though.

The whistleblower is alleging that the DOJ actually warned Hunter Biden’s attorneys prior to various searches, presenting the opportunity for materials to be removed. Is that part of why Weiss ultimately punted on the harsher charges mentioned above? I have my doubts he couldn’t have charged them regardless, but it’s still highly concerning that the DOJ decided to give treatment to Hunter Biden that no normal citizen would ever receive.

Given what Smith is saying about the investigation, it’s pretty clear that no further charges are coming against Hunter Biden. If DOJ officials were meddling to the extent reported, there’s no reason to think Weiss will suddenly be given a free hand to do what is necessary and right. This also represents another possible falsehood to apply to any articles of impeachment targeting Garland. House GOP members, including leadership, need to be looking strongly at what the next move is because there definitely needs to be a next move.

  • Missouri says:

    Corruption is this administration’s playbook

  • Sicsam says:

    Garland is a corrupt and lying son-of-a-bitch. He should be fired! What an asshole!

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