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Here’s When Trump Plans to Announce His 2024 Bid

He’s been holding rallies and fighting legal actions filed against him by zealous Democrats. Congressional Democrats want his tax record, while the New York attorney general’s office has his foundation in the crosshairs.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his home in an arguably unconstitutional raid last August over suspicions that classified materials were at his Mar-a-Lago home. It’s part of the Department of Justice’s ongoing crusade against the former president, who did have such materials, but they were declassified.

The office of the presidency can declassify whatever they want, which Trump did—and the FBI ransacked his home over a dispute with the National Archives. That doesn’t happen unless there’s a witch hunt. No nuclear secrets were strewn about his coffee table in the living room—every explosive allegation has fizzed because there’s nothing incriminating.

Any president, living or dead, cannot be charged with mishandling classified information, which seems to be the go-to talking point until you bring up that Hillary Clinton is guilty of that crime that was exposed during the 2016 election.

The FBI gave the former president his 2024 campaign narrative and only further entrenched the feelings of distrust and disgust that his supporters already have for the Justice Department, which are justified:

they’re a quasi-political police force. There was an ongoing debate about when Trump should announce his 2024 candidacy. Announce it too soon, and Democrats could nationalize the 2022 midterm races, throwing up obstacles to a potential red wave. With less than a week until Election Day, a red tsunami could be crashing into the Capitol Building.

Trump knows he needs to strike it while it’s hot—and now Axios says he could announce his 2024 intentions days after the midterms (via Axios):

Former President Trump’s inner circle is discussing announcing the launch of a 2024 presidential campaign on Nov. 14 — with the official announcement possibly followed by a multi-day series of political events, according to three sources familiar with the sensitive discussions.

Why it matters: Trump and his top advisers have been signaling for weeks that a 2024 announcement is imminent. But those discussions have reached the point that allies are blocking off days in their calendars for the week after the midterms — and preparing to travel.


Between the lines: Trump has long planned to announce shortly after midterms — and even toyed with announcing before Nov. 8 — in an effort to get ahead of potential rivals for the GOP’s 2024 nomination, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In recent weeks, Trump has been inching closer and closer to saying he is running, relishing the applause as he hints to his rally crowds that he’s doing it.

At his Thursday rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Trump said: “In order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again … Get ready that’s all I’m telling you — very soon. Get ready.”

  • Cavlaryman says:

    If he loses the republican nomination to Govenor DeSantis, I only hope he throws his support behind DeSantis. Now all you Trumpens, don’t get britches in a bunch, I hope that Govenor DeSantis will do the same for President Trump, should DeSantis not get the nomination. The two of them can bring to the table a lot of the evil perpetrated on this nation and its citizens. Both are likely to clean house kind of along the lines that Elon is doing.

    Keep in mind they are both Alphas, so a joint ticket is highly unlikely.

    • Joan Shadinger says:

      I just hope they both agree on that! We need someone with some gonads to do the job that needs to be done as soon as possible too! The turn around and undo everything just like Biden did the first hour he was in Office, 2024 cannot get here fast enough!! So vite RED please makes no difference who is in office as long as they are RED got that? Never mind the name we are VOTING for a REPUBLICAN that is all that matters Please keep that in mind!! AMERICA is all that matters right now! If you have not voted yet please remember that you need to do Your Own Research in Who You Want in Office SO DO NOT Go Bby What the Opposition Says!

    • Cookie Bruno says:

      My family is not interested in DeSantis simply because the DNC and the media prefer him over Trump. If Trump hadn’t endorsed DeSantis he wouldn’t have won the governorship. ANd he squeaked by.

  • BarbNak says:

    I hope DeSantis knows enough not to run if Pres. Trump declares.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    He should NOT do it before the midterms. SHOULD NOT! Even if the worst happens, and we don’t take the House and/or Senate – he would be wise to wait. The ‘tsunami’ will come in 2024 when it’s SORELY needed.

    Until then, load your weapon, ferret out ANYONE in this current ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’, and BLOW THEIR FUCKING BRAINS OUT! DONE!

  • Cookie Bruno says:

    The Clinton Foundation donated about 4%, even the Haitians are still screaming about the money they stole from their country but Eric Trump had to let their foundation go when his father became president. And Eric raised money for St.Jude’s with the Trump foundation so, of course , the Democrats are investigating that foundatiion. I can’t think of one other person that could have withstood the scrutiny the Trump family has gone through for 6 years. The only way they’ll pin a crime on him is if they make one up. ANd they are good at that also.



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