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Here’s a Long List of Prominent Democrats Refusing to Accept Election Results

Democrats on Capitol Hill are holding hearings this week to examine January 6, 2021 and their allegation President Donald Trump, along with Republicans on Capitol Hill, launched an “assault on democracy” by questioning or rejecting the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Conveniently, Democrats are failing to highlight their own “assault on Democracy” over the years.

The first example is Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, who is leading the January 6 Committee.

Thompson voted against the certification of the 2004 presidential election and refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration.

Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin, who is also a leading figure on the committee, did the same and voted against the certification of the 2016 presidential election.

Former Democratic Senator and current Vice President Kamala Harris agreed and repeatedly claimed Trump was an illegitimate president.

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton still claims the 2016 election was stolen from her and fueled the despicable lie that President Trump wasn’t elected, but installed by the Russian government.

Current Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who lost a previous race to current Republican Governor Brian Kemp, has never conceded the 2018 race.

And then of course there are plenty of other election results over the past two decades that Democrats have refused to accept.


  • Barny says:

    Been voting my entire life and was disgusted when the Democrats didn’t want IDs to vote. Perfect set up for crooked voting ….especially for the army of illegals flooding over our border.

  • James Daniel says:

    How about the biggie? Al Gore the donkey vs George Bush where Gore kept going to court to defend democrat cheating by establishing different standards for each party. Then all the whining that the court stole the election when they imposed a uniform standard of counting and stopped democrats from cheating in Florida.

  • John says:

    Who cares what the demonic sick pedophile Democrat Party members of their N.W.O. Antichrist pagan party thinks, I just hope we find Graves big enough to fit them in when their own satanic rituals and way of life consumes there dark dirty Demon’s Souls, I hope there all buried in in one place & don’t poison & taint the earth with their demonic Souls. The whole demonic Democrat Party should be retuned to Hell from which there God and Savior Lives Satan himself resides.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Been doing that since 2015

  • AllNotWell says:

    For the first time in recent history, We, The People, had 4+ senators and 4+ representatives going to stand up and contest the election results. Demon Pelosi could not allow that to happen so she staged the coup of antifa leading the riot. The proof is 1. She refused to call for National Guard to help before the protest started. 2. No one was arrested that actually broke windows of the Capital. 3. Only politically active men were arrested to stop their names on ballots or to remove them from the military. 4. Capital police opened doors to invite Citizens in the building. 5. None of the citizen bombings, beatings and killings especially in the tunnel by capital police and were not shown in the “hearings”. 6. Lies were told by the capital police and they were rewarded. 7. The whole “committee” was made up of anti-Trumpers against House Traditions and Rules.

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