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Here Are the Most Tremendous Trump Mugshot Memes on the Internet

You knew it would get memed. You just didn’t know how funny the memes would be.

Presenting only the choicest Trump mugshot memes from the internet, without all the cringe lefty ones that make you want to dive face-first through a sliding glass door:

Do not miss the Trump impersonator lol:

  • tahdah says:

    TRUMP WON! The demonRats cheated. Try them all for treason and sedition. #JusticeIsComing

  • Alberto Gonzales says:

    Great memes. Just great. Help me with one explanation. The mugshot of President Trump with his fingers held in a certain way. It probably is so obvious what he is suggesting but I just can’t figure it out. Please help an old senior citizen. Thank you.

  • Edie says:

    Ordered the flag and purchased a coffee mug. Go Trump!!!



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