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Here Are All the Conservative-Leaning Outlets That Call Dylan Mulvaney a ‘She’

Prominent conservative outlets have called transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a “she” despite him being a biological male.

Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and Washington Examiner have all referred to Mulvaney as a “she” or “her” in articles, mirroring the rhetoric of left-wing activists.

A May 5 Fox News article titled, “Bud Light still facing outrage after one of ‘most polarizing’ social media gaffes ever, industry guru says,” used female pronouns for Mulvaney.

The article reads, “Mulvaney said the cans were her ‘most prized possession’ on Instagram with a post that featured ‘#budlightpartner.’”

The outlet published several more articles practicing the same pattern, including an article published April 28 titled, “Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney breaks silence on Bud Light controversy: ‘I grew up in a conservative family.’”

“Transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney said she comes from a conservative, church-going family that still loves her ‘very much’ in a return to social media. This all follows an extended absence on the heels of her outrage-inducing partnership with Bud Light,” the lede stated.

“Mulvaney admitted she is struggling with cruelness and ‘dehumanization’ from critics of her polarizing Bud Light campaign and noted it’s clear that ‘winning over everyone’ is simply impossible,” Fox wrote in the next paragraph.

A May 10 article titled, “Dylan Mulvaney admits to ‘having trouble sleeping’ since Bud Light backlash erupted” referred to Mulvaney as a “she” while reporting on the influencer, writing, “Trans woman and social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney said she’s having ‘trouble sleeping’ after the wave of backlash beer brand Bud Light received for making her one of their paid spokespersons.”

In June 2022, Fox News gave a platform to a family who “transitioned” their 5-year-old daughter into a boy. Anchor Bryan Llenas praised the family’s so-called “extraordinary courage.”

The Washington Examiner has used female pronouns for Mulvaney in several articles, including a May 2 opinion piece titled, “Transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney wants to criminalize free speech.”

“For Mulvaney, hate speech apparently means calling her by the wrong pronouns,” one paragraph said. “I understand why this would be hurtful, but the fact is that transgender matters deeply divide the nation along the lines of politics and religion.”

A May 8 article framed a headline around Mulvaney feeling overwhelmed by the “‘mental effects’ of being misgendered.” The piece, titled, “Dylan Mulvaney worn down by the ‘mental effects’ of being misgendered amid Bud Light debacle,” focused on the influencer lamenting against people who called him by his biologically accurate pronouns.

The New York Post, the outlet that broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, has used Mulvaney’s preferred pronouns in several articles. A lede to one of the Post’s articles writes, “Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney once said it should be ‘illegal’ for people to refer to her by the incorrect pronouns.”

Like many Fox News articles, the entirety of the article refers to Mulvaney as a “she” and a “her,” without any attempt to avoid using pronouns or taking biology into account.

Another Post article published May 11 on Mulvaney’s controversial partnership with Bud Light, used “she” and “her” pronouns and claimed he “has tried to remain poised in the face of overwhelming criticism and transphobia.”

“Mulvaney — who has tried to remain poised in the face of overwhelming criticism and transphobia — said her social media pages have transformed into a ‘cultural war’ since announcing her partnership with Bud Light last month,” the article wrote. “The influencer implied that she might not have accepted the paid sponsorship had she known the onslaught of opposition it would spark, for which she wasn’t ready.”

Recent articles published by the Wall Street Journal have followed suit with its fellow conservative-leaning outlets. An April 28 published piece referred to Mulvaney as a “she” in the excerpt located below the headline, then continued calling him a “she” and “her” throughout the article. Another article by the outlet referred to the influencer as “Ms. Mulvaney” and a “her.”

The New York Post and the Wall Street Journal are owned and under the authority of its parent company, News Corps.

  • MLB says:

    A man who thinks he is a woman is a deeply disturbed man. He lives in a fantasy world and thinks that everyone should cater to his fantasy. For example it’s no different from a woman who fantasizes to be a man. They don’t believe in the fact that it is impossible, and that their dna cannot be changed to fulfill their fantasy. But they want everyone around them to agree without acknowledging that it is a lie. Most of us, are not willing to accept this lie as fact. It is what it is and under God, science and truth, it will forever be a lie. Now if you are gay and you want to have same sex relationships that’s your personal choice and most overlook this perverse behavior and accept within our society.. Problem is you cannot force people to accept a blatant lie that defies God, science, and basic biology. It’s nothing but a fantasy. Your fantasy will never become the truth. This is why the majority of Americans will never accept or respect the blatant lie that men can become a woman and women become a man. It is offensive to both real men and women. This degrades both real men and women in every aspect of our existence!

  • Ilene says:

    the gender a person is person is that person’s render. No amount of makeup, dress up or surgery can change DNA! Almost NO man will ever give birth so stop with the “my husband is pregnant “ because NO your wife who looks like a male and calls herself a male is pregnant. MEN are biologically incapable of getting pregnant.

  • tressa says:

    So “IT” wants to silence people for telling the truth! How about we silence the lies?

  • Biden ZaCommieTool says:

    This sicko is merely a Girly-Boy and 100% male. Just ask Dopey Schwarzenegger about Girly-Boys. He knows all about them.

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