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Hate Hoax: Gay Man Says He Was Set on Fire in ‘Homophobic’ Attack — Video Tells a Different Story

It has been revealed that a gay man who claimed to have been beaten and set on fire by a group of homophobes actually sustained his injuries while attacking a pregnant woman.

Scott Rowin, 39, originally alleged that he had been “gay bashed” while walking in his San Diego neighborhood, a story that was parroted by the media and local Antifa networks. CCTV footage, however, showed that he was torched by the expecting mother as she defended herself from his violent actions, which landed her in the hospital with injuries.

According to the San Diego Police Department, the incident took place on June 12 on the 900 block of 6th Avenue around 10:40 pm. Officers responded to numerous 911 calls reporting a man beating up a pregnant woman, however when they arrived, he had already fled the scene, ABC 10 reported.

Just under two hours later, a man called 911 reporting that he had been set on fire, and it was quickly determined that he was the suspect wanted for the aforementioned beating, and that she had burned him.

In the days since the attack, investigators have tracked down CCTV footage revealing the “initial physical assault by the man on the pregnant woman and the subsequent use of fire as a weapon by the pregnant woman on the man.” The man was identified as Rowin.

“This is a complex investigation, and detectives are examining all aspects and allegations,” the SDPD said.

Rowin told local news outlet KGTV following the attack that he had been simply walking home when he heard two people shouting homophobic slurs. He yelled back, and claimed he was subsequently set on fire.

“Immediately after that, I went up kind of like coals on a barbecue,” he claimed. “Instantly just went into flames … Nobody walks around with flammable liquid like without an agenda. They were obviously out targeting LGBT community.”

Rowin suffered second-degree burns, and the pregnant woman he allegedly assaulted was taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Following the incident, a number of people on Twitter came to Rowin’s defense, claiming that the “hate crime” was proof that gay men were no longer safe in America.

  • Michael says:

    This is what happens when you spew your truth with a complete disregard for the truth . The truth he attacked and was beating a pregnant woman who then tried to protect herself and her unborn the best she could . His truth he was attacked by two Men who set him on fire for being gay . This serves his fake victimhood narrative much better than the facts or truth would . Making him the victim not the hate filled lying criminal he is . And my guess they will not charge him for the attack nor the lying report he spewed . After all he is a protected class she a a real pregnant woman is not .

  • Garrett says:

    Typical dem ploy. All dem sissies play the role of victims.

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