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Hamas Terrorists Committing War Crimes by Using Ambulances in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck an ambulance inside Gaza late this week after discovering that it was being used to transport Hamas terrorists on the battlefield, which is a violation of the international rules of war.

“A Hamas terrorist cell was identified using an ambulance. In response, an IDF aircraft struck and neutralized the Hamas terrorists, who were operating within the ambulance,” the IDF said in a statement. “We emphasize that this area in Gaza is a war zone. Civilians are repeatedly called upon to evacuate southward for their own safety.”

Israel hit the ambulance outside of Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital where Hamas has a vast underground command center, which is also a war crime. Footage posted online showed that Hamas was gathering large crowds of people at the hospital — thus using them as human shields, which is a war crime — to watch its terrorists murder Israeli soldiers in northern Gaza.

The Times of Israel reported on Friday that, according to a top Biden administration official, Hamas tried to smuggle its wounded fighters out of Gaza for treatment at hospitals in Egypt by using ambulances, which are intended for civilians. Hamas has an extensive history of using ambulances to assist in its terrorist activities.

Hamas compiled a list of dozens of “seriously wounded” fighters that it wanted to evacuate in the midst of the thousands of foreign nationals looking to flee the area.

“The list was then vetted by Egypt and the United States, which found that a third of the names on it were of Hamas fighters, the administration official said, adding that the list was rejected and none of the 76 wounded Palestinians who were ultimately evacuated in ambulances out of Gaza were members of the terror group,” the report said.

Senior Israeli officials told the publication that Israeli inspectors discovered this week that oxygen concentrators, which aerate the tunnels the terrorists use, were being smuggled into Gaza on aid trucks.

“These weren’t for use in the hospitals, but below them,” an official said. “That’s why they were smuggled among boxes of cookies.”

Palestinian officials have even admitted that they commit war crimes by using ambulances to conceal their movements.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in 2009 that Hamas’ leaders ultimately do not care what happens to Gaza: “They do not care if Gaza is erased. All they care about is that the Hamas movement continue to exist. They said this.”

“This was at a time when there were thousands of martyrs from among our people, thousands of wounded from among our people, and tens of thousands of destroyed houses,” he said. “Yet the Hamas movement is alive and well. The Hamas movement was hiding under the domes [of mosques]. The Hamas leaders – and I say this for the first time – fled to the Sinai in ambulances, leaving their people behind to be slaughtered. Then they say: We put up resistance.”

  • Nate says:

    Hamas and Hezzbollah voted for Biden/Harris in 2020. Many terrorists have crossed our southern boarder and will vote for Biden in 2024! China is printing ballots now, they will be pre-printed with the names of those bringing fenynohl into the country and stuffed in ballot boxes throughout the country!

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