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Guess Where Hamas Is Launching Rockets from Into Israel

New documentation released by the Israel Defense Forces shows more of the barbarism practiced by Hamas terrorists inside the Gaza Strip.

In addition to targeting civilian targets indiscriminately across Israel with their rockets, Hamas has continued to launch their attacks from locations intended to endanger civilians in Gaza, including United Nations buildings, mosques, and schools.

For anyone who’s followed Hamas terrorists’ long-running attacks against Israeli civilians, it’s no surprise that the terrorists — along with other aligned groups such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad — continue to jeopardize the lives of people within their own territory.

And, as the rocket launches toward Israel continue into a second straight week since the barbaric attack was launched against Israel on October 7, Hamas has not changed its strategy, as reports from the IDF show.

Hamas sympathizers working in the media, nonprofits, and government will try to argue that rockets launched from Gaza are an attempt at liberating Gazans from “apartheid” or an “open-air prison.” But if Hamas — also the government in the Gaza Strip — was seeking to save its people from what they claim is an “occupation,” they wouldn’t be intentionally jeopardizing the lives of their civilians.

By launching from or near civilian targets such as schools and hospitals and international peacekeeper outposts, Hamas is daring Israel to respond in order to stop the launches — and using the resulting IDF strike neutralizing the terrorists as supposed proof that Israel is launching attacks at civilian targets. That is, “attack our people so we can get our friends to justify our work to eliminate Israel and its people.”

It’s all a lie, and all the danger comes from the terrorists launching their rocket attacks, but the international community is quick to blame Israel and take Hamas propaganda portraying their terrorists, inexplicably, as the victims as fact.

For example, Hamas launched rockets from just outside the wall surrounding a kindergarten:

As well as near a mosque:

And along a strip of schools:

As another IDF video explains, there have been more than 7,000 rockets fired at Israel in just the last two weeks and change, and each launch poses a threat to the people of Gaza with some 5-10 percent misfiring and taking out buildings of people in the Gaza Strip.

  • Manny Gonzales says:

    It is a given that the cowardly Hamas terrorist use people as shields to fight just go in and take them on face to face. Collateral damage is expected in every war. Why should so many suffer when so very little can be lost to get to the cowards. So the world complains. They sure didn’t complain when the demons were loosed on Oct 7 to kill hundreds of innocents. War is hell. And the only way to kill the scum of the earth is to go through hell.

  • Gunny says:

    That is funny as hell! These infidels are killings themselves but blame Israel.

    How dumb can these 3rd world people be???

  • Jack in the Box says:

    If Hamas don’t care about their own people, why should Israel even care for anyone in Gaza? Carpet bomb the whole rat infested swamp! This madness have gone on to long now! It’s not an refugee camp but a terrorist nest! I say remove the cancer and destroy all traces of islam in Gaza! They have no regards for Jews, they only want to kill them and take over their land! END THIS MADNESS, BOMB EVERY INCH OF GAZA TILL IT’S LEVELD WITH THE GROUND! For as long as I can remember this conflict, the media and the UN have called Gaza a refugee camp! IT’S NOT! Where in the world besides Gaza do you find brick houses to live in? NOWHERE ELSE! Ergo it’s not a camp and they’re not refugees!

  • Juan says:

    That’s what they do and how they fight. They are intrenched throughout Palestine In it’s most populated areas putting innocent civilians in harms way thinking no one will send rockets in populated areas. They were right next to that hospital for that very reason and when it was hit Israel looks bad. They need to go in in force and take out those positions up close but iran being supporters of Hamas threatened Israel if they went in. Israel is surrounded by enemies who’s radicals are already attacking them but their biggest threat is China who’s already sent a ton of ships and Iran who has Nukes now, I highly doubt Putin would ever send a single troop into the sandbox unless Russia was intentionally attacked. Putin may be sending weapons over and China most likely has weapons for Hamas they brought over on their ships. The only thing Israel should be doing is fortifying the border with Gaza and Palestine then start talking about a ceasefire. They are between a rock and a hard place and unfortunately for them if this continues Iran could easily hand Hamas a suitcase Nuke and Hamas will just walk it right into Israel through the network of tunnels, drop it right in the center of Israel and walk back with no one being the wiser.

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