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Greta Thunberg Finally Admits What Climate Change Activism Is Really All About

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who has been propped up by global elites and central planners since she was a child, is finally admitting her activism isn’t about saving the environment.

Instead, it’s about tearing down capitalism and implementing communist, government controlled systems around the world.

Former California gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger is explaining how capitalism has been a gift to human kind and how devastating Thunberg’s ideology is to most of the world.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues its war on fossil fuels and officials, including President Biden, are moving forward with their forced transition to expensive and inefficient energy.

  • MIchris says:

    gretas one ugly dude….

  • Russ Mills says:

    Leftist liberals have nothing better to do with their lives but cause problems for everyone around the world. They brainwash children into saying they’re dirty deeds. Take Greta, who never intended on saving our planet. She speaks of only what the left has had her rehearse. All has been caused by the democrats who lie and are our worlds greatest threat. Those with their heads buried in the sand need to wake up.

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