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Greta Thunberg Blocks Swedish Parliament Again, Removed by Police

Swedish police have forcibly removed Greta Thunberg and other climate activists after they blocked the entrance to the Swedish parliament for a second day.

Two officers lifted Thunberg and dragged her away before putting her down on the ground about 20 metres away from the door she had been obstructing.

Thunberg and dozens of other environmental campaigners started blocking the main entrances to Sweden’s parliament on Monday in a sit-down protest against the effects of the climate crisis and what they said was political inaction.

The activists left on Monday afternoon but returned to protest again on Tuesday morning.

Police did not intervene at first, but removed the demonstrators when the protest resumed on Tuesday morning.

Thunberg, 21, became the face of youth climate activism as her weekly protests, which started in 2018 in front of the Swedish parliament, quickly grew into a global movement with large rallies across continents.

Last year she was detained by police or removed from protests in countries including Sweden, Norway and Germany.

A British court last month acquitted her of charges of a public order offence as a judge ruled that police had no power to arrest her and others at a protest in London last year.

  • Richard says:

    She flys from country to country in a jet that the enviro nuts pay for so she can make them richer climate change that they spout off about is nothing more than nature doing what it has done for eons she can’t get a legitimate job because nobody will hire her

  • Hal says:

    Who is funding this SNOT nosed kid to be a pain in the ass?



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