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Graphic Warning: Israel Releases New Video of Hamas Attack at Music Festival

It’s been almost a month since the devastating terror attacks of October 7 carried out against Israel by Hamas.

We reported on the awful scene at the Supernova music festival near Gaza, where paragliding terrorists and trucks full of gunmen cut off the power before descending onto the crowd to mow down hundreds of innocent civilians who were just trying to enjoy the festivities.

At least 260 people were killed.

Now the State of Israel’s official Twitter account has released a video of what first responders found in the aftermath, and it’s heartbreaking.

At first, you don’t see much—a dusty expanse and then what appears to be a trailer or motor home. But the police officer’s voice gets increasingly strained as he begins to realize the enormity of what he’s witnessing.

Then he comes upon body after body, all slaughtered indiscriminately by hate-filled gunmen.

It is deeply disturbing to watch, but there’s a reason Israel posted it.

They also made it clear the video was recorded by a first responder, not an Israel Defense Forces soldier:

Why would they post such a thing, and who in their right mind would watch it?

The reason that it’s important is because it documents to the world the horrors that occurred and proves that this savage terror attack was pure unadulterated evil. As college students and professors across the nation try to equate Israel’s counterattack in Gaza as equivalent to this outrage, and antisemitic members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) try to downplay the attacks, they must be constantly reminded that these Hamas terrorists beheaded babies, burned people alive, and mowed down entire families as if for sport.

In the case of this music festival, these were mostly young people just enjoying their youth and celebrating life. Massacring them in a surprise attack is far different than Israel chasing down terrorists whose stated goal in life is to kill Jews and wipe Israel off the map.

Hamas apologists need to be constantly reminded of just exactly what it is they’re supporting.

“Don’t look away” is a powerful reminder that despite all the left’s rhetoric and the downplaying of what happened, Hamas did what they did, and they must be held accountable for it. It was pure savagery, and Israel has no choice but to remove Hamas from the earth.

  • vickie says:


  • Sarg says:

    We pray for the peace of Israel.
    Israel is forever!
    May Israel kill all of the enemies of their God and my God.

  • Manolo says:

    No te detengas ISRAEL a comtemplar las lagrimas que se derraman solo con la sangre de los asesino se calmara el llanto.

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