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Graphic Video: Migrant Tries to Escape Border Agents, Meets Death in Middle of the Highway

An illegal immigrant who tried to run from being arrested ran to his own death during one recent incident in Texas.

The video posted to Twitter by Fox’s Bill Melugin on Thursday shows Texas Department of Public Safety agents detaining a group of illegal immigrants in Brooks County, Texas. Fox News reported that the incident took place on June 10.

“As @TxDPS troopers were taking a human smuggler into custody in Brooks County, several illegal immigrants bailed out of his vehicle and ran. One ran into the highway & was struck & killed by a vehicle. Smuggler charged w/ human smuggling causing death,” he tweeted.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing.

At first, the scene appears like a routine detention.

Then, one illegal immigrant jumps out of a truck. He then lurches unsteadily down the highway, where he is struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle.

At that point, several other illegal immigrants run away as the agents chase them.

Although the deaths of more than 50 illegal immigrants in one tractor-trailer captured national attention, illegal immigrants are often killed in small-scale smuggling operations.

At least four people were killed Thursday when a vehicle police said contained illegal immigrants being smuggled into the U.S. struck the back of a truck, which was not moving at the time, according to the New York Post.

The vehicle was fleeing law enforcement at the time.

Police in Encinal, Texas, said the driver and three passengers were killed while three other passengers were in critical condition.

Fox noted two other migrants were killed when the vehicle they were riding in flipped over near Palmview in the Rio Grande Valley. The vehicle was trying to evade police at the time.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, in speaking of the deaths of the illegal immigrants found in the trailer, said President Joe Biden bears the blame due to his “deadly open border policies.”

Abbott said the tragedy illustrated the ramifications of Biden’s “refusal to enforce the law.”

  • John says:

    That’s too bad, maybe he should have tried coming here legally and maybe he shouldn’t have crossed the highway, and should have came here the way our relatives did, “legally” I’m sure now the leftist pigs in our corrupted government will ban cars from certain highways so they can cross and enter our country illegally and safely, too bad the other 3 million that came across illegally when the fraudulently elected pedophile Pig was in office wasn’t following him.

  • AliceT says:

    FJB! Ignore that demented old traitor in the White House. Close the Texas border. DEPORT EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL. Citizens know where they are if you don’t.

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