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GOP To Release a 100 Page Rebuttal to Jan. 6

House Republicans are planning to rebut House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill protests when their findings are released this week.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind) said that the GOP is planning a response that focuses on security failures as Democrats push to keep the momentum of the day alive.

In the 100-plus page rebuttal, Banks alleges that the Capital Hill police and FBI were underprepared, noting that the Jan. 6 panel has “never dealt with the serious issues” linked to security at the Capitol that day.

Axios noted that the GOP is planning to release its report at the same time as the committee.

“The Republicans probed the Capitol Police and FBI’s intelligence gathering and dissemination, as well as the insufficient training and equipment, were given to law enforcement — including by interviewing Capitol Police officers,” Axios noted.

Contrary to the Republican’s report, the committee will focus on former President Trump, which Banks claims is “all about political payback” from Democrat’s charade.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the select committee’s chair, said that eight chapters of the report will be released at Monday’s hearing, while the release of the full report, including attachments, is expected on Wednesday.

  • WapitiHunter says:

    This so-called committee is nothing but another Demoncrat cartel that has done nothing but waste time and spend billions of taxpayer dollars. Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schummer should have to re-pay every tax dollar spent trying to ruin Trump out of their packets.

  • Dawn Remington says:

    So happy the GOP is addressing this Jan6 committee lies.. We all know Trump advised old hag Pelosi, she needed to add more security. Also, Pelosi had FBI agents infiltrate the protestors. All of this & more to try & blame Trump. How has that been working for Pelosi?

  • Cher Miller says:

    I HOPE that is NOT the full extent of the GOP Report of J-6 – ‘lack of security preparedness’ vs. Trump broke the Law! Trump should go to jail! Trump should not be allowed to run for President ever again! wow Repubs… you really know how to ‘bring it’ at GameTime! If I did a Report on J-6, it would center on the lack of any ‘cross-examination’ of their witnesses, and TELL what they would have shown, had it been done. It would center on the Dem LACK of any of the contrary occurrences to their anti-Trump narrative. Among other things, it would factually relate all the times Dems have done EXACTLY what the Repubs did when they believed (because it WAS TRUE) that an election was STOLEN from them! by Fraud! and Corruption! in our Govt.! They TRIED to get an investigation into all the ‘irregularities’ of the Election ‘season’ en total. They tried to get the ‘confirmation’ of Electoral Votes postponed – because there had not BEEN ANY investigation into all the MANY glitches and problems, even State Courts that ignored that their State’s own Laws were trampled on and violated! in order to ‘get a vote result’ that THEY WANTED, disregarding the voices of the People of their County or State. It’s TRUE that ‘security’ was very lacking on J-6. But, really? THAT is the ONLY THING the GOP wants to bring up to counter the Dem Witchhunt of Repubs who just wanted a TRUE vote count that represented the voice of the People, NOT what an out-of-control Govt. cabal wants! To NOT investigate all the MANY travasties involved in that election, is to violate the Right of the People for a ‘free’ and ‘fair’ election, and is an assault on the People who voted! NOT to do a thorough investigation in order to ASSURE the People that the ‘result’ is TRUE and CORRECT, especially when all the known facts say that it was NOT, and CAN’T BE! And to try to prosecute citizens simply for ‘caring’ that we GET the correct and True vote count before we officially Certify an incorrect figure, is the Insurrection being done against this great Nation of People who trust and rely upon our Constitution being in play every day of our lives! But in this instance (and now, every election going forward until things get corrected that enable Fraud like still occurred again in 2022 across the Nation) our Govt. is FAILING to do its due diligence to make ‘sure’ our elections ARE True and Correct BEFORE they Certify anything that is probably an Error or Fraudulent, without FIRST ensuring the Public that it has been thoroughly reviewed for all its irregularities, and CORRECTED for any errors found or acknowledged or known. And then our Govt. is actually PUNISHING its Citizens for CARING, and for trying to ensure that there is a good resolve of this issue using the ‘method’ outlined in our Constitution when something of this nature ‘happens’. But the People are NOT being represented by our Govt., but IGNORED. And THAT is what caused J-6. And THAT is what needs to be addressed by our Congress and Senate, who seem to be laying the ‘blame’ on all the People who Care about this Nation, and NOT on the people on J-6 who were interlopers in the Trump crowd, who did some vandalism to our Capitol, and were fully ‘let in’ by the Capitol Ushers that day, and were ‘chaperoned’ (captured on videos not shown to the Committee) to the different ‘wings’ of the Capitol, where they roamed around, totally surprised to be ‘let in’, and not knowing what to do next, or where to go! They were not Vandals. The Vandals stayed outside, and they were only a few, who looked/dressed like Ninjas, dressed in black, armed with climbing rope gear and walkie-talkies, and backpacks full of things! Who were THEY? No one has seemed to investigate that, and the Capitol Police that day made no attempts whatsoever at stopping these few people, climbing and breaking a few windows! and pushing people from behind to go where the Doormen were directing everyone! as the large group of standers-around were being surrounded and then ‘pushed’ forward, not of their own accord but from behind. Look at the videos. There is LOTS of video the Committee WASN’T SHOWN, showing the Trump supporters mostly just standing around on the steps, showing their ‘support’ of Trump’s election, and their SUPPORT of what was going on inside the Capitol – which was the Constitutional provision for being able to ‘question’ a ‘vote tally’ BEFORE it is Confirmed by the full House by a process outlined in our Constitution, Lawfully. What was SUPPOSED to be happening inside, as the People were gathered Outside on the steps, was that many States’ Reps. were going to object to their State’s Vote Tally and Result, and then have the opportunity in a separate location to give voice to their concerns and present factual evidence showing that the Vote Tally is most likely Incorrect and NOT verifiable or certifiable for those reasons, sending it BACK to the State’s Legislature to ‘get right’ BEFORE it can be Certified by the Federal House in DC. And THAT was the process Repubs were WAITING to hear about, WANTING to hear about as it processed through deliberations. The ONLY ONES who would BENEFIT from the ‘process’ being delayed and postponed (as Reps were sent home!) were DEMS who just wanted the Votes to be Confirmed, without delay and without investigation and without ANY deliberation on individual tallies. And in the end, Dems got their way – no investigation, no presentation of evidence of corruption/fraud – and Repubs were intimidated into just doing what Dems wanted, and not Fight for the Right to STILL ensure the Vote Tallies for every State were CORRECT. The ONLY ONES who benefitted from the J-6 events, were the Dems. It was Repubs who WANTED THE PROCESS we had been WAITING FOR since the Election! and that was ‘to be heard on the Evidence collected so far to date’ that SHOWED that the Election was RIFE with Fraud and Corruption in several States, that NEEDED to be addressed, and handled, and corrected BEFORE any Certification of the Vote could take place in the Full House. That is why Repubs were there that day – to show support for Trump AND FOR THE PROCESS that was supposed to happen (but never did) in the well of the House. But instead, the miniature riot outside the Capitol (and we still don’t know who they were, or where they came from) who were automatically labeled as ‘Trump Supporters’ (but looked completely different from the Trump Supporters who were attending Trump’s speech, disturbing the crowd while Trump was still speaking! which indicates they were NOT Trump supporters, but just ‘riotters causing trouble’, led by an old man seen on videos of that day! and NOT a Trump Supporter, but a crowd agitator. And the Media was labeling them ALL as ‘Trump Supporters’ (as though there COULD be no other people in DC that day…), and the Media was throwing out the words ‘sedition’ and ‘insurrection’ over the TV airwaves instantly – as though it was ‘planned’ ahead of time that ‘sedition’ and ‘insurrection’ would occur that day! and they were ready! just as ready as all the many photographers INSIDE the Capitol, even in the upstairs hallways – just ‘waiting in the wings’ for the riotters to come up the stairs, or appear in the hallways! Usually, cameras in those kinds of places are only there accompanied by someone with a mike! but not this time. It was though they were just ‘waiting’ for riotters to appear! It was strange! Sooo, the Mayor and Capitol Police had NO security in place in DC that day, after all the reports and communications that there would be about a million people there that day to see Trump, and other communications of ‘trouble brewing’ – BUT, they had Photographers in position inside the Capitol to ‘capture’ them! Interesting. And they BOTH had turned down having the Nat’l. Guard present that day for crowd control because they didn’t like the ‘optics’ of that, but they didn’t mind the ‘optics’ of that for Biden’s inauguration 2 wks later…



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