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GOP Rep. Austin Scott Files Challenge to Jim Jordan for House Speaker

Republican Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia’s 8th congressional district will challenge House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan for the speakership, he announced Friday.

Scott is a seven-term congressman from Tifton, a township in southern Georgia. He made the announcement on X, now known as Twitter, amid furious negotiations by House Republicans to obtain the necessary 217 votes for any candidate to elect a speaker.

“I have filed to be Speaker of the House. We are in Washington to legislate, and I want to lead a House that functions in the best interest of the American people,” Scott wrote on X.

Scott’s announcement comes less than one day after the withdrawal of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise from the speakership election. Scalise was nominated for the position by his party on Wednesday in a narrow vote of 113 to 99, but was unable to secure the backing of 217 House Republicans, the number required to elect a speaker on the floor.

“It’s a tough scenario. There are people in there who are honorably trying to get to the right place and there are people in there, as you know, who like to go on the TV and are not necessarily negotiating for anything other than TV time,” Scott told reporters on Friday morning before his announcement. “It makes us look like a bunch of idiots.”

Apart from Jordan and Scalise, Republican Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma’s 1st congressional district and former President Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, have expressed interest in serving as speaker, with Trump vowing to do so only temporarily. Other House Republicans, meanwhile, have insisted that they will only support former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

  • OldRepublican says:

    Most Ga. politicians are Gov. Brian Kemp suckups. Kemp hates Trump and is only looking to become a Ga. senator. Hopefully that won’t happen. But politics in Ga. are just as swampy as in DC.

    • ThePeopleArePissed says:

      @OldRepublican – Your assessment is 100% correct. The GA political arena stinks just as bad as DC.

  • Joeclark says:

    Go away Scott! GTFO

  • Larry Bowling says:

    Our Republican House members are a disgrace to the Republican Party! While the democrats stick together to pass legislation, even though it is bad legislation, our Republican House members cannot even come together to put a new speaker in place!?!? This is shameful and those who are causing this problem must be voted out in the next election. We the conservative people must teach these politicians that they are there to work for us, not that we work for them. If republicans cannot elect a Speaker of the House, then the democrats will vote their party leader in as speaker and America will become a socialist nation when the dems get another four years in the White House!

  • Debra says:

    Like Tifton, GA is a paragon of virtue. Hell no! Jim Jordan all the way and NOW so we can get on with business. Must be a Dem plant to help the “bipartisan speaker scam.”

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