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GOP Lead on Generic Ballot Nearly Doubles in a Week

Confidence of a GOP rout on Election Day gained support on Friday when a new survey showed a huge gain for Republicans in the so-called “generic ballot.”

Already with a high 4-percentage-point lead over Democrats, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey showed the gap nearly doubling to a 7-point GOP lead.

Rasmussen said that likely voters prefer Republicans 48%-41%, with just 7% unsure.

The gap is significant because “generic ballot” polls typically underestimate the size of Republican support. Several GOP pollsters have said that a Democratic lead of 3 points, for example, typically signals a big GOP win.

For example, GOP pollster Ed Goeas recently said, “One of the things we’ve always noticed is if the generic ballot is within 5 points, usually that means we pick up some seats.”

He added: “What we have known on the generic ballot, and this has held year after year after year, if it’s a generic balance within 3 points, it usually means we’re winning enough districts that we take control of Congress.”

The shift to the Republicans follows disturbing signs that inflation is continuing to rage and the prices people are paying for gas and groceries are surging.

  • Rich says:

    Generic polls are useless. Marxist Democrats are stacked up like cord wood in cities. Democrats win by 90%, Republicans don’t even bother to put up candidates. Washington Post/ABC News Poll in swing Districts Republicans up by 21%. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

  • cavalryman says:

    Don’t forget the electronic machine cheating with weighted votes.

    To permanently fix this problem We must demand

    (1) Certified real paper ballots
    (2) Hand counted in a bipartisan transparent process
    (3) Citizen voter ID.

    No form of electronic voting or vote counting is fool proof!

    COS NOW!

  • John says:

    Every pole out there is a government communist corrupted New World Order Democrat poll believe nothing whatever numbers they tell you double and triple it ignore their polling results will show their ass in the end the revenge of we the free people getting our last presidents for your term stolen we want this demonic fraudulently elected pedophile out of office now and we want that time of the past four years to go back to our duly elected next president this government will never live this down and will never let them forget it they’ll never be trusted again and they got every right in the world to be shunned by the people and throwing out of office until we completely uncorrupt this corrupted agency and replace it with people who will immediately be arrested if they’re breaking the laws and pushing their communist agenda in our constitutional country

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