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GOP Congressman Announces Rescue of Nearly 100 Americans Stranded in Israel

Republican Florida Rep. Cory Mills announced Saturday on X (formerly Twitter) that his office facilitated the evacuation of 96 Americans out of Israel amidst the conflict with Hamas.

Mills previously stated he would facilitate the evacuation of stranded Americans from the danger presented by Hamas, per News Nation.

As of Saturday, he reportedly helped almost a hundred Americans return home safely.

“Our office and team haS [sic] now gotten out 96 Americans from Israel. 77 of which I was on myself,” Mills announced on X.

“We’ve also secured a charter aircraft that can hold 218 passengers. It Will not cost anything the Americans needing ti [sic] get out of Israel.”

“I’m also proud to report that we’ve evacuated @billhuizenga son and he’s safely out of Israel,” the congressman added.

Mills and his team previously arranged for the successful repatriation of 77 Americans, according to his interview with News Nation.

“I don’t care if you’re Israeli-American or Palestinian-American: If you’re American, I’m willing to get you home, and I’m willing to do what is right.”

Mills, however, did not hold back on criticizing the evacuation efforts thus far.

The lawmaker questioned the efficacy of the U.S. government’s response, compared his independent efforts to the lack of progress made by the administration and said, “If I can get 77 people out on my own, on my own dime, then how is it that the full might of the entire U.S. government under President Biden has gotten zero out to this point? That, in my opinion, is just an absolute disaster.”

  • Aquariusjoan says:

    As usual, it takes real Americans who aren’t bought and paid for by sadistic other countries and Satan to rescue Americans! Pathetic! May God have mercy on them!

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