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Ghislaine Maxwell Swam Nude on Private Island, Forced Recruits to Massage Her While She Undressed

The Daily Mail recently reported that Ghislaine Maxwell — Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice — made a habit of swimming naked on Epstein’s private island, and recruits were forced to massage Maxwell while she was nude.

Johanna Sjoberg, who was apparently recruited by Maxwell when she was just 20 years old, said she was paid £200 for every massage provided to the pair, and she was provided an additional £100 for every sexual favor provided to Epstein.

In recent court documents, Sjoberg provided a horrific picture of Epstein’s island and the disturbing practices carried out there. She previously said she knew Virginia Giuffre was underage when she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew in 2001, and claims she was inappropriately touched by the Royal in Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, per the report.

However, Prince Andrew has denied the allegations made against him.

Sjoberg’s testimony was unsealed on Friday, which was part of a slew of details about Epstein’s relationships, friendships, and actions that took place on the private island.

During her deposition in 2016 — which had been sealed until this week — Sjoberg said she was made to provide Maxwell between five and ten massages. All the massages were performed while Maxwell was nude under a towel, according to the report.

She went on to explain that in one incident, while massaging Maxwell, Epstein came in and groped Maxwell. However, Sjoberg said Maxwell never behaved in a sexual manner towards her.

“I do recall an instance where I was massaging her and Jeffrey came into the room and he did something sort of sexual to her, whether it was fondling her or slapping her butt or something, and she brushed him off like she was embarrassed,” Sjoberg said.

Sjoberg said she could not recall if Maxwell was ever nude or topless by the pool, but she claimed she “was nude when she went swimming in the ocean.”

In discussing the massages performed on Epstein, Sjoberg said she would perform them nude “somewhere between 25 and 50 per cent” of the time, per the report.

Blaze News recently reported on a third batch of documents concerning the Epstein case, which amounted to 1,300 pages.

Many people have anxiously awaited the release of the documents, hoping that there might be key information about who else may have been involved with the known pedophile.

Former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were allegedly involved.

The report noted that Clinton had apparently “threatened” Vanity Fair against publishing articles about sex trafficking by his “good friend” Jeffrey Epstein.

However, a former Vanity Fair editor claimed that the incident “categorically” did not happen.

  • Scott says:

    The elites think they are not bound by the laws they expect the rest of us to follow. I say we look into giving them a Louis 16th haircut.

  • Jim says:

    In previous articles the word “Massages” was meant for Sexual Acts now we’re supposed to believe it only means an actual Massage.. I’ve received several Massages and while by a CMT I was always nude under a towel.

  • Archi Hipkins says:

    Since when was skinny dipping an offence?
    Many massage places have the patron naked under a towel.
    Drama about nothing!

  • Just an Observer says:

    I’m thinking of UN-Subscribing from Truth Press. I agree it seems to have a lot of Click Bait.

  • Nate says:

    So what! Swim nude, who gives a rats ass!!!



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