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George Soros Claims Americans Love What He Is Doing to Our Criminal Justice System

George Soros is more than a little out of touch with the average American.

On July 31, Soros demonstrated as much in an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal. In the piece, the leftist billionaire was adamant that despite calls for him to stop funding “woke,” weak-on-crime district attorneys, he will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

In the Op-Ed, Soros suggested a left-wing approach to criminal justice — “decriminalizing” poverty, mental health and drug use (by “decriminalizing”, he means removing any accountability for those who commit crimes under any of those circumstances) and stricter gun control — would be the most effective route towards lowering crime rates.

He even went as far as to claim that a “tough-on-crime” approach is ineffective in lowering crime.

These claims don’t exactly add up.

Over the past few years, since 2020’s firey-but-mostly-peaceful “summer of love,” crime rates in various cities have skyrocketed.

Many such cities have one thing in common — at the center of the violence sits a Soros-funded district attorney.

An October 2020 report from The Heritage Foundation details this pattern to great extent, dubbing this network of easy-on-crime DA’s the “Rogue Prosecutors Movement” and essentially debunking everything claim Soros made in his recent Op-Ed.

“They brazenly usurp the constitutional role of the legislative branch by refusing to prosecute entire categories of crime, abuse the role of the county prosecutor, fail to protect victims of crime, and ignore the rising crime rates that flow from their radical policies,” the authors of the report noted.

“This movement exists because George Soros and a handful of billionaires have invested heavily in the election of district attorneys who are working to reverse-engineer and dismantle the criminal justice system as we know it — a system that, while not perfect, has resulted in the lowest crime and incarceration rates in decades.”

Researchers at think tanks like The Heritage Foundation are far from the only Americans noticing the negative effect that Soros’s “rogue prosecutors” have had on the American people.

Police officers, the front line of defense between crime and the average American, have also noticed this problem.

In an exclusive interview with The Western Journal back in June of 2021, Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, a retired police veteran from Chicago Suburbs, called out Soros specifically when talking about Chicago’s rampant crime problem.

“It is not necessarily about how many arrests the Chicago Police Department is making; it is about how those cases are being prosecuted,” Smith told The Western Journal.

“We have a Soros-funded progressive prosecutor in the Cook County state’s attorney’s office — that is Kim Foxx — and she is one of the many progressive prosecutors that have been elected in the last eight to 10 years in this country.”

Soros can pretend all he wants that his actions are reducing crime rates. He can manufacture any number of studies and statistics to help support his claims.

But when it comes down to reality, when it comes down to the men and women currently being shot in the streets by known criminals who should have been sitting in a jail cell but weren’t because of a soft-on-crime, Soros-funded DA, that’s a reality even he can’t argue away.c

  • Judy says:

    He can also take Obama with him. He baca e president and has nothing but destroy our Country. His wife was not proud to American, the we are not proud to be socialist or our next step into the hole of communism

  • Joe Hunter says:

    Ok… Now We the People are feeling like we’re under attack. The fake Jan 6 – 1 party scandal circus proved nothing, and worthy of a raid.? Well, at least we know more pro nwo officials, and this looks like desperation. Wonder why?

  • Crash says:

    Well THIS American can’t stand the little rat bastard and I HATE everything he’s done to our country!
    This is one ‘golden rule-er’ that I would love to see booted out of the USA, along with his minions….WHY have we tolerated this for so long?

  • Larry Bowling says:

    George Soros is indeed a person who hates America and hates Americans. His stated goal is to bring our country to its knees by destroying our economy by driving fuel prices way up to ruin our nation. Then he, along with Obama, will rebuild our country into the socialist states of America!
    How do we stop this despicable human being from doing these things? It is really very simple because he must have a bunch of elected judicial people in each state in order to destroy us. We the people can stop him by not voting for politicians who take election contributions from Soros. Do your homework and find out who is funding elections of these DA’s and judges, and then DO NOT VOTE FOR THOSE PEOPLE. That will stop Soros once and for all. The only way he succeeds is for we the people to follow his candidates like little sheep!

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