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Gay Teacher Arrested for Having Sex with a 13-Year-Old Boy at Lunchtime

Is our education system totally dead? I always knew it was filled with liberals, biased, and in dire need of help. That education gap has only increased with the COVID lockdowns. It won’t shock me if this gap is too big to bridge given all the political forces in play. But I’m talking about all these freaks we have as teachers. The ones doling out puberty blockers to kids. The ones telling students not to tell their parents about their sexually explicit lessons and homework. These aren’t high schoolers. They’re pre-teens. They’re kindergartens—and these woke teachers want to make them all gay or trans.

It’s weird. It’s inappropriate. And now we have a full-blown child porn production operation occurring at this school in Hawaii. Some teacher was having sex with a 13-year-old student at lunchtime and recorded all the activity. He got even deeper into trouble when he shared videos and images of his activities with others (via KHON2):

A Hawaii teacher has been arrested for sharing child pornography. Federal prosecutors said Alden Bunag sent illicit pictures and video to another teacher on the mainland and admitted to sex with a 13-year-old student.

Bunag made his first court appearance on Thursday at the federal courthouse and remains in custody until his next hearing. Court records said he admitted to investigators that he recorded his sexual encounters with a 13-year-old boy who was a former student and sent the videos to others through a messenger app.

According to federal court documents, Bunag had been sending child pornography to a teacher in Philadelphia. That teacher was arrested in October.

Documents said Bunag and the mainland teacher exchanged over 33 hundred messages, including hundreds of images and video files.

The documents added that “Bunag claimed to have sex with (the boy) at the school during lunch breaks… Described (the boy) as a former student and knew that he was a minor at the time.”

Yeah, gross and weird. Bunag also had some tweets that seemed to project what he was doing. Of course, he was pushing back against conservatives, accusing us of projecting. Well, you’re the kiddy predator, dude. Enjoy prison.

  • DP says:

    No really big surprises here, to be honest. This is on their long term schedule anyway.
    Of course President Trump had to be removed by whatever means.

  • southersgolfer says:

    These people are seriously demented in the head. They need to be dragged out and have the S**T beat out of them. They should be shown zero mercy. Prison is too good for them.

  • jrobby says:


  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Hey teach! If I ever found you, I’d have something to put up your ass. It would be a blast! When it comes out of your neck, your head will be gone. I’m going to LITERALLY blow your brains out!

  • Paul Frawley says:

    demorat pedophiles



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