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Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Food Writer Dead from Cardiac Arrest at 49

Food writer and author of the hit memoir “Julie and Julia,” Julie Powell, has died at 49 from cardiac arrest.
Powell had been tweeting about not feeling well in recent weeks.

“‘Julie & Julia’ became an instant classic and it is with gratitude for her unique voice that we will now remember Julie’s dazzling brilliance and originality,” Judy Clain, the editor-in-chief of Little, Brown and Co., said in a statement announcing her death.

“We mourn her loss with her husband Eric and her family. We are sending our deepest condolences to all who knew and loved Julie, whether personally or through the deep connections she forged with readers of her memoirs. She was a brilliant writer and a daring, original person and she will not be forgotten.”

The writer had also tweeted about being vaccinated and boosted several times.

“So, as a vaccinated, boosted person, I’ve not been tested for Covid. Is it possible for me to be at this point? The Long Covid thing worries me, but also keep in mind that I’m a hypochondriac,” Powell tweeted in June.

Powell also tweeted about not allowing unvaccinated relatives into her home.

“My cousin won’t get vaccinated and I don’t want to allow him in the house with my niece and nephew who are too young to be vaccinated,” she wrote in October, 2021.

Powell died at her home in New York on Oct. 26.

  • Art LaPella says:

    I can play that game too. Google “14 Famous Anti-Vaxxers Who Died Of COVID-19”.

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