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Frightening Moment TV Presenter Collapses Live on Air

Startling video caught the moment a Colombian TV host fainted and collapsed onto the studio floor during a live broadcast.

Elianis Garrido, 35, is seen sitting on a stool while co-presenting the show “Lo Sé Todo” (“I Know Everything”) on the state-owned Canal 1 on Thursday, Jam Press reported.

She suddenly covers her face with her hands and spins away in her chair before collapsing to the floor, as the camera cuts away to show her concerned colleague Ariel Osorio, who called for a commercial break.

An overhead camera showed crew members rushing to the side of the fallen host as she lay on the floor.

After Garrido was rushed to a hospital, Osorio told viewers that she had suffered “respiratory problems.”

He then addressed Garrido’s mother, a loyal viewer of the show, and said: “Everything is fine. Eli is perfect.”

Osorio added that his colleague was undergoing treatment and was doing fine.

“She will call you soon, we will tell you what is happening with Eli,” he said.

Presenter María Fernanda Romero said Garrido had not been feeling well for several days due to changes in the climate.

She said she had been suffering coughing spells before she passed out.

Garrido, who has 6.2 million followers on Instagram and 673,000 on Facebook, has not publicly commented about the frightening episode but is reportedly doing well.

Her incident occurred two days before meteorologist Alissa Schwartz also collapsed during a live show on CBS Los Angeles.

She tried to steady herself but suddenly her eyes rolled back and she slowly slumped forward until her head nearly hit the table.

Schwartz later posted on Facebook that she’s “going to be ok!” and thanked people for the well wishes.

In 2014, she was reportedly diagnosed with a leaky heart valve after she vomited on set during a weather report.

  • jan says:

    by this article it is hard to decipher if this woman died. I am also not sure about the one on CBS that collapsed as all i heard was these two women collapsed. however a man on NBC DID die after he collapsed. The lead guitarist in the band Saliva just collapsed the other day too. they said brain hemorrhage which of course is veins and i am sure it was clotted with the fibers the shot creates. each and every day someone famous or tv reporter is collapsing along with the daily deaths of civilians who are not on tv or in the limelight. deaths are way up for sure.

  • Elaine D says:

    Just today at our RV park we were talking about the snowbirds going back to Canada soon, and one of our elderly neighbors, after 2 weeks of bad news in their family, asked, “will any of us still be alive next fall?”



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