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Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Says He Was ‘Canceled’ from ‘The Five’ This Week

Fox News scheduling has left one rotating host of “The Five” scratching his head.

In a Thursday tweet, Geraldo Rivera told his Twitter followers that his planned appearances on the panel show on Thursday and Friday had been canceled.

“My appearances today and tomorrow on The Five have been canceled. I’m sure there’s a good reason,” he said.

Rivera added that he would be returning to the show soon.

“Never fear, I’ll be back week after next. Stay safe and happy. Thanks.”

Rivera appears on “The Five” as a left-of-center participant in the show’s spirited discussions.

Fox News has been beset with uncertainty following the firing of Tucker Carlson, the star prime-time host who had become the face of the conservative-leaning cable network.

There’s no indication that Rivera’s scheduling hiccup and Carlson’s departure are related.

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld briefly mentioned Carlson in an awkward segment broadcast after his sudden firing.

Gutfeld joked that Carlson would run for president in 2024 — only for Jeanine Pirro to abruptly segue to a commercial break.

Gutfeld and Rivera exchanged chilly tweets after the latter criticized Carlson’s rhetoric about the Capitol incursion shortly after he was axed.

“I don’t wish ill on anybody, but there is no doubt-as I said at the time-Tucker Carlson’s perverse January 6 conspiracy theory was ‘bulls***,’” Rivera said.

Gutfeld responded with a sarcastic jab at his colleague.

“You’re a class act Geraldo. A real man of the people,” he said.

WARNING: The following contains language that some readers will find offensive.

  • William G Munson says:

    What happening is the they are leaning to the Left for they cannot have Full Truth for the People got to have LIes and Cover Up Period

  • Vernon Messer says:

    Geraldo Rivera’s best days have long past. He has been on the wrong side of the majority of social and politcal issues over the last 50 years. He was one of the first TV reporters to make being a part of the news story fashionable, and what we have today in the news media can directly be traced back to him.

  • kcsparky says:

    GOOD! Rivera is no “left-of-center” participant. Rivera is a full blown pathetic Liberal and I am glad to see him go!

  • Backgammon says:

    Fox is in for a surprise! Conservatives made them and they will BREAK them.
    Avoid all Fox shows, even the one or two you like. Send the message.

  • southersgolfer says:

    Never liked this guy anyway. Bye bye!

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