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Fox News Wants Tucker Carlson Erased from Company

If you want to usurp God and create reality on your own, you have to be venomously cynical and willing to erase reality by convincing others to ignore it.

That appears to be what Fox News is doing in the case of Tucker Carlson. They won’t run a political ad if Carlson shows up for a few seconds of footage. And they won’t stop there. Fox is now censoring political ads that shine a light on the violence taking place on the streets of Joe Biden’s America.

Eric Bolling of Newsmax talked with Chapin Fay of SOS America PAC, Mediaite reported. Fox News informed the PAC that changes would have to be to an advertisement for Republican presidential hopeful and Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez.

Fox demanded that “all images and video of Tucker Carlson,” had to be removed along with “violent crime scene footage that included guns or shootings.”

“We revised it and sent them a new ad so we wouldn’t be off the air there,” Fay said. Newsmax and other outlets, Fay noted, made no such requests. Such is the state of free speech at Fox News.

Fay was particularly upset that Fox required them to eliminate the violent crime scene footage. For Fay, it amounted to more than erasing a person but erasing the violence many Americans have to live with day in and day out.

In an interview with Carlson biographer Chadwick Moore, Bolling, commenting on how Fox was dealing with Carlson said, “A little history here: Fox tends to do that. If they bounce someone, if they fire someone or get rid of someone, they scrub them from as many aspects of Fox as they can. Off their website. Are you shocked that they did this? I was shocked that they did this. You know, it seems like they want to double and triple down on this firing of Tucker.”

Moore was incensed. “It’s Stalinesque!”

“You know, Tucker is Voldemort! It Is he who shall not be named.” Voldemort is the archenemy of Harry Potter in service of the Dark Lord.

Say what you want about Carlson, but he’s not the one who comes off as evil in this scenario. If anyone is in service of the Dark Lord, it’s got to be Fox News.

Moore went on to say the incident was “bizarre” and that he was “surprised they were so direct” with the PAC about removing Carlson from the ad.

Bolling, who once worked at Fox, said the network has a history of “scrubbing.” Roger Ailes, the name of the man who built up the company too much larger size than it is today, is anathema. When the network celebrated its 25th anniversary, Ailes’s name was not mentioned.

Bolling was an original host on the Fox show “The Five,” now one of the most popular shows on cable news. “I was there for six and a half, almost seven years,” Bolling said. On the 10-year anniversary of the show, “they did some look-backs of the first few days and Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling were edited out of all of those look-backs. It just seems so mean-spirited.”

“It’s so nasty,” Moore agreed. “Their default setting seems to be maximum aggression.”

Moore’s sources told him that Carlson’s team wanted to make the split with Fox as “amicable as possible but that’s not the direction Fox chose.”

A default setting of maximum aggression must be exhausting. There is no rest for the wicked, as the adage goes. That’s the price one pays when trying to shape reality into one’s own likeliness. Moore said that Fox is “unpersoning” Carlson, a tactic that conservatives often accuse the left of employing.

Fox News, the once alleged “the beacon of conservatism,” according to Moore, is using the leftist playbook.

Speaking of playbooks, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” comes to mind. Former GOP Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has claimed Alinsky was Hillary Clinton’s hero, according to Time Magazine.

Alinsky believed that “The only place you really have consensus is where you have totalitarianism.” It sounds more on more like Fox agrees with this sentiment. Stalinesque, anyone?

What do Marxists and RINOs have in common? They think they know better than the people what is good for the people.

They view the population not as individuals with individual rights but as a sociological experiment they can manipulate at will. In other words, they share the same vision for humanity. At bottom — call me a conspiracy theorist if you like — it’s the vision of the globalists: totalitarianism.

Klaus Schwab and crew at the World Economic Forum picked up where Alinsky left off. The would-be gods believe they can make you believe anything they like by controlling the media and eliminating free speech. Advocates of free speech like Carlson must be erased if they are to succeed.

It takes a venomous cynicism to believe the people are that stupid. That brand of cynicism is fueled by the kind of hubris which attempts to make God into the likeness of man. It happens on the left and 0n the right. It’s pride on steroids.

It can come to no good. No human is capable of erasing reality and replacing it with an imposter. Truth is reality. And truth belongs to God, not to man. Mankind is here to discern truth and to live within its boundaries.

Fox won’t be able to “unperson” Tucker Carlson. Erasing him from political ads will be about as effective as Pinky and the Brain’s attempt to take over the world.

  • Billy J Bruce says:

    I used to watch Fox News 3 or 5 hours a day. Now I only watch Bret Baier. I think that the leadership of Fox News do not understand the damage they are doing to their network. Commentators such as Tucker are the reason that viewers chose Fox News over CNN now we have to go podcast. How do you explain that to Tucker’s advitisers?

    • “WANNA-BE-DICTATOR,” joe biden says:

      You do realize that Bret Baier what is the one who called the race for President Joe Biden when President Donald Trump was so far ahead of him that it would be a freaking miracle if Joe Biden won the Presidency; yet all of a sudden, Bret Baier cemented the fake news in everyone’s mind and told everyone that Joe Biden, the man who never held a Townhall, avoid it all press like the plague, and ran his entire campaign, by hiding in his basement, actually won the presidency of the United States?!?
      Bret Baier is the first one who called the 2020 presidential race for our current “WANNA-BE-DICTATOR,” joe biden the fool who can’t complete a single sentence without making a gaff. The man who can’t climb a single flight of stairs without falling down multiple times. The man who continues to grow up every young female, he comes in contact with on live television!!! Bret Baier is “FAKE NEWS” at it’s finest!!! The second that Bret Baier called the presidential race for Joe Biden I called up and canceled my membership with FoxNews!!!

  • Cws Fan says:

    How do I pull up Tucker on Twitter? I subscribe to Twitter

  • dls says:

    Boycott Fox News. They suck just like the rest.

  • Sam says:

    FOX is quickly digging a hole as deep as CNN. It would be wise for them to just peacefully co-exist with Carlson. Pursuing any sort of vendetta will push more viewers away from FOX and toward Carlson.

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