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Fox News Host Announces Divorce Live on Air

Fox News host Julie Banderas stunned viewers when she announced she is divorcing her husband of 13 years on Thursday night’s edition of “Gutfeld!”

Banderas was engaged in a lighthearted discussion about Valentine’s Day with host Greg Gutfeld and guests Kat Timpf, Justin Florentine and Tyrus.

The conversation took an unexpected turn after the longtime network host trashed the holiday and announced an imminent split from her husband.

WARNING: The following conversation and video clip contain language that some may find offensive.

“Julie, I don’t know what your relationship is, it’s none of my business,” Gutfeld said.

He asked her, “Are you gonna get anything for Valentine’s Day?

“F*** Valentine’s Day,” Banderas deadpanned.

The crowd reacted with a mixture of shock and laughter, but Banderas maintained she was not joking.

“Yeah, it’s stupid. I mean, even when I was married, I didn’t get s*** for Valentine’s Day,” she added.

A surprised Gutfeld asked her, “Wait, you’re no longer married?”

Banderas then informed Gutfeld, his guests and everyone at home of her pending divorce.

“Well, I’m getting a divorce,” she said. “I’m gonna go ahead and say it right here for the first time. Thank you, everyone. Congratulations are in order.”

Banderas strongly implied the split is something she wants when she said, “If you know me, you’ll clap.”

“That was breaking news,” she joked. “Listen, you don’t have to be a guy to not get s*** on Valentine’s Day … It’s a Hallmark holiday, it’s stupid. It’s just absolutely ridiculous.”

She clarified on Twitter after the show aired she was not joking.

Banderas, 49, married Andrew Sansone in New York City in 2009. The soon-to-be former couple shares three children.

Banderas first joined Fox News in 2005.

  • The Count says:

    I think Julie is an incredible woman in Journalism, and I am very sorry for her that this is happening in her life. It’s a very hard thing for anyone to admit that one’s marriage has failed. But I hope she knows that there are a LOT of people who love her in her audience, and care about her, and will be praying for her and her children to get through this ordeal, and find healing and strength in God.

  • Charlie let a fart says:

    No one really gives a fk about fox news Hollywood wantabees.

  • WapitiHunter says:

    I could care less. This is not news. I do not even know who she is,

  • Black and Blue Cupid says:

    Sorry for her miserable marriage, but why trash my Holliday? Just another attack on traditions.

  • Nancy says:

    I’m saddened for her divorce bc she has children but Julie knows what she’s doing! If the marriage is not working then it’s best to get out for all in the end! Julie is a champ!!!
    Clearly she’s been hurt! We ❤ you Julie!!

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