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Fox Bans Judge Jeanine from Christian News Show

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro has been reportedly forced to pull out from speaking at a Christian commentary show that was scheduled to take place in Ohio this week.

The show’s host Gene Bailey told The Western Journal that Fox News apparently made Pirro withdraw from the “Flashpoint Live” event, which will be held on Thursday and Friday. As of Wednesday morning, the events registration site still shows Pirro speaking at a Friday morning session and taking part in a signing afterward for her new book.

“We’re surprised after all promotion that she’s pulling out, especially after having been on the program last week. We’ve been announcing her appearance, and the promotion’s been out there for a while. Suddenly this morning, they informed us she would not be able to attend, and I’m awaiting Fox News for comment,” Bailey said.

Some suggested to The Western Journal that Pirro may have been forced to pull out of the event because some of the “Flashpoint” panelists have questioned the integrity of the 2020 election.

Fox News recently settled with Dominion Voting Systems over its defamation lawsuit against the network and agreed to pay Dominion $787.5 million.

Pirro made headlines last week when she teased the release of her new book, titled, “Crimes Against America: The Left’s Takedown of Our Republic,” which will be released later this month by Winning Team Publishing, a company co-founded by Donald Trump Jr.

“Can’t wait to see all of you at these book signings! I’ll be at @yaf in Santa Barbara, California, and the @NixonLibrary in Yorba Lida, California on June 1st, I’ll be at @TPUSA in Phoenix, Arizona on June 2nd, and I’ll be at Collectors Firearms in Houston, Texas on June 3rd!” Pirro tweeted.

She also thanked former President Donald Trump in a separate tweet after he promoted her new book on his Truth Social account.

Speaking with the Washington Times, Pirro spoke about how her book details grave concerns about the Supreme Court’s inability to identify who leaked the Roe v. Wade draft opinion last year, which she said led to a loss in public confidence in the institution.

“A lack of accountability has created this sense in America of a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, and the sad part about that is that people in America want to believe everything is on the up and up and that Lady Justice is blind, but Lady Justice is not blind,” Pirro said.

“The Supreme Court has essentially allowed itself to become a political football by not stepping in and making sure whoever leaked it — whether it is a clerk, a secretary, an assistant or a Supreme Court justice — that not identifying the person has been a self-imposed injury on the court,” Pirro said.

Pirro also briefly spoke about Special Counsel John Durham’s final report, which was released earlier this month.

“The most stunning part for me is the fact that [2016 Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton, according to the Durham report, was the one who came up with the idea of a Russian collusion hoax,” Pirro said.

She said the only way to restore public confidence is to restructure the departments from the top.

“No one is fired. No one is suspended,” she said.

  • Michael says:

    Fox has become Evil.

  • Karen says:

    This article is not clear why did fox prohibit her from hoping there to speak,sing and promote her book; are they going to get rid of her too, if so fox is walking a thin line very thin with conservatives !!! Stop the shit fox or pay the price, you should have never given in to Dominion, that’s on you ,not the people who we all watch, you were the cowards you should have gone to court Murdock!!!!

  • Bill says:

    How much more stupid can FOX get?

  • FoxNews IsNotNews says:

    The Fascists at Fox will only put up with commentators who mouth their leftie bullshit. Gutfeld and Levine are also on the list for removal.

  • Beverly Soltwedel says:

    I think Fox News is loosing its edge pretty fast. It is tending to silence the truth and those who are still there are afraid. Not that it matters-but I am ashamed and disappointed in Fox. Maybe they should go off the air.

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