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Former Vice Chair of D.C. Police Union Arrested for Fraud

The former vice chairman of the D.C. Police Union was arrested over the weekend for “allegedly defrauding the DC government.”

Medgar Webster, who previously served as the vice chair for the DC Police Union was arrested for fraud for allegedly working a second job at Whole Foods while he was on duty for DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Webster reportedly made $33,845 with the MPD while he was supposed to be on duty but was instead allegedly working at Whole Foods where he made $45,945 between January of 2021 to April of 2022.

Per an affidavit Webster allegedly worked up to 485 hours at Whole Foods at the same time he was clocked in for duty at the MPD.

Webster has been officially charged with first degree felony fraud and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Per the DCist:

D.C.’s officers are able to seek outside employment, according to police regulation, as long as it is authorized and does not “conflict or interfere” with department rules. But the affidavit says MPD never authorized Webster to work at Whole Foods. In addition, Webster allegedly worked 485 hours at Whole Foods at the same time he reported being on police duty, and nearly half of those hours were overtime so the department paid him additional funds.

The police spokesperson says agents discovered Webster was allegedly working a second job while on the clock at MPD during an “unrelated [Internal Affairs Division] investigation.”

Webster’s second job was discovered after an investigation revealed Webster allegedly engaged in “unwanted sexual contact” with a person at the Whole Foods he was working at.

Webster will be in court later this month for a preliminary hearing.

  • Michelle Cole says:

    This proves that the DCPD is a bunch of ignorant butt licking clueless dope smokers. If this was a Republican, he would have been thrown in the slammer without even mention of a trial.

  • PJ Wray says:

    What do you expect when you pay your police officers less than $34,000 a year? He shouldn’t have done it, and I agree that he should be punished, but I can clearly see why he did.

  • steve helms says:

    that is why it is call DC, District of corruption!

  • R says:

    I bet the guy who did this is black.

  • Ardis Pierron says:

    He was probably one that was interviewed by the J6 committee about what happened on his watch although he was working at Whole Foods at the time. Of course, he will get off and put on probation.



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