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Former NFL Player Dies at 40 After Collapsing During Intake at Mental Hospital

Former NFL player Stanley Wilson Jr. died this month at the age of 40 after he collapsed during intake at a Los Angeles County mental hospital, it was reported Tuesday.

TMZ Sports broke the news that Wilson, a former Detroit Lions cornerback, died at the hospital after he was placed there following a vandalism charge from last August.

He was checked into the facility for treatment on Feb. 1 after a court found him incompetent to stand trial. He died the same day, according to 247 Sports.

Wilson allegedly burglarized a Hollywood Hills mansion on two separate occasions last summer, TMZ Sports reported at the time.

TMZ reported foul play is not suspected in his death and the results of an autopsy are pending a toxicology report.

Wilson was the son of former Cincinnati Bengals running back Stanley Wilson Sr.

Born in California, he was recruited to Stanford University.

Wilson was selected 72nd overall in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft. He played three seasons for the Lions.

Wilson recorded 86 tackles in his NFL career and forced one fumble in 32 games.

His career was cut short during a 2008 preseason game when he tore his ACL.

In later years, Wilson had numerous run-ins with police and had a lengthy criminal record.

247 Sports reported that he was shot by a Portland, Oregon, homeowner in 2016 during an attempted burglary.

“The following year, Wilson was then arrested in Portland again in consecutive months … for instances in which he was found nude in public,” the outlet reported.

On the first occasion, Wilson was arrested after police found him wandering around and suspected he was on drugs.

He was arrested the second time in the same area after another attempted burglary.

Wilson spent 10 days in jail for the 2016 incident and was ordered to undergo a drug treatment program and pay restitution to his victims.

During one of the break-ins at the home in Hollywood Hills last summer, Wilson reportedly bathed in an outdoor fountain.

  • NFL NoFansLeft says:

    Way to make the NFL Proud!!!

  • Linda says:

    So what exactly did he die from/of ?

  • Robert C Wise says:

    It sounds like CTE.

    • mary morris says:

      No, it was more likely the jab, just like the rest of the professional athletes who dropped dead playing sports.

      • Art LaPella says:

        It says “ordered to undergo a drug treatment program”, more likely like the rest of the athletes. We can’t expect them to tell us they’re on drugs. In this case, we know.

  • John says:

    Most people can smell a full or half truth fake news story, I smell a corrupted demonic democrat brainwashed mental illness of another programmed & indoctrinated black person to be violent, we see more & more of this gov fake victim induced rage, & violence approved by a communist corrupted Democrat gov of approved behavior & privilege that brought upon this mental illness ,that brought upon this man’s death

  • Amazing Grace says:

    Bet he was vaxxed!?



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