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Former Miss World Contestant Dead at 26: ‘One of the Most Beautiful Women’

Sherika De Armas, who represented Uruguay in the Miss World competition in 2015, has died. She was 26.

Local media reported she died last week after a two-year cervical cancer battle. Friends and family paid emotional tribute to the brunette beauty queen.

“Fly high, little sister. Always and forever,” her brother, Mayk’ De Armas, said on social media.

The reigning Miss Uruguay, Carla Romero, mourned that De Armas was “too evolved for this world. One of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life.”

Anto Ciavaglia, a close friend, wrote: “I remember you with that beautiful glow.”

De Armas didn’t make the top 30 at the 2015 Miss World contest in Sanya, China, but she was one of only six 18-year-olds to compete.

At the time, one outlet complimented her “beautiful face, towering height and charismatic personality” while calling her “one of the young promising talents of Uruguay.”

“I always wanted to be a model, whether a beauty model, an advertising model or a catwalk model,” she said in a translated interview with NetUruguay, per Univision.

“I like everything related to fashion and I think that within a beauty pageant, any girl’s dream is to have the opportunity to participate in Miss Universe. I am very happy to be able to live this experience full of challenges.”

Off the runway, De Armas sold personal care, makeup, and hair products through the Shey De Armas Beauty Studio.

She was also said to devote her time to the childhood cancer organization Pérez Scremini Foundation.

Cervical cancer occurs most often in people older than 30, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The disease can be prevented with regular screening and the HPV vaccine, the agency says.

  • sandy^ says:

    The inventor of the mRNA tech said they worried about increasing cancer risk. My kid has several friends that have cancer. You hear all the time of this young person or that young person fighting cancer. It has suddenly increased a lot in the young. Why?

  • Laurie says:

    So sad and curable.

    • Donna says:

      Maybe not anymore due to the addition of the immune busting vaccine (covid) add the HPV shot. And she was a setup for a very aggressive cancer. We will be seeing and are seeing an increase in children’s aggressive cancers if they were given the jab and more dying from heart attacks like the Israeli 8 year old who the their poster child for the jab. Adult cancer is and will also rise as has cardiomyopathy, blood clots, and many other issues. Many are already being documented but the people don’t want to admit they were duped. However, many are no longer willing to get jabbed.Studies have shown approximately equal numbers died from covid (or supposed covid, as we now know, everything was covid) as from the jab. The US government agency CMS which is Medicare and Medicaid was at the same time suing the manufacturer because it was causing deaths within ten days of the jab which they would not count as a side effect and strongly suggesting all seniors get the jab.Research for yourself is essential!

  • Sarg says:

    the poison shot did it again

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