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Former Long-Time Congresswoman Pat Schroeder Dies at 82

Former Rep. Pat Schroeder, who was a pioneer for women’s and family rights in Congress, died Monday night, her former press secretary said. She was 82.

She represented Colorado’s 1st Congressional district from 1973-1997.

Andrea Camp, Schroeder’s former press secretary, said the former lawmaker suffered a stroke recently and died at a hospital in Celebration, Florida, where she has been living in recent years.

“Pat Schroeder blazed the trail. Every woman in this house is walking in her footsteps,” said Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y.

Lowey took over from Schroeder as Democratic chair of the congressional caucus on women’s issues.

Schroeder served for 24 years, rising through the Democratic ranks, as she built a reputation for using her rapier wit to take on the powerful elite, shaking up institutions and forcing entities to acknowledge women’s role in government.

She was unafraid of embarrassing her congressional colleagues and became an icon for the feminist movement.

Schroeder retired in 1997 and her parting shot to Congress came the following year when she penned a book titled “24 Years of Housework … and the Place is Still a Mess. My Life in Politics.″

The tell-all book chronicled her frustration with the male-dominated legislature and the general slow pass of getting anything done in the federal government.

She was the first woman to serve on the House Armed Services Committee.

Schroeder was born in Portland, Oregon, on July 30, 1940. She graduated from the University of Minnesota before earning her law degree in 1964, and went on to serve as a field attorney for the National Labor Relations Board for two years.

She was also a pilot who operated her own flying service to pay for her college tuition.

Schroeder got married in 1962 and is survived by her husband, James W. Schroeder. She is also survived by their two children, Scott and Jamie, and her brother, Mike Scott.

  • J says:

    who gives a FCK

  • Walter Jones says:

    She wasn’t good for women or the family or society in general. Democrats espouse perverted rights.

  • THE ADMIRAL says:

    Does this constitute going on the list?

  • vickie says:

    she was in office at a time when people began to pay more attention to what was going on in DC. slowly multi media helped that situation to come about. we knew more because of tv and computer and phones. we knew more about our leaders…sometimes more than we wanted to know. we began to realize they were not perfect people and wondered how they even got into office. she indeed had a tough job and i do believe that the world of male leaders were still not comfy with women around. i dont know how i feel about women in leadership myself because im different than most women. i believe that a woman should be in the home raising children and only if they couldnt have children should they be in the work world. yes, im different, and i am still alive to see how things continued as she had also…..but she lived a long life…and its good she left a book about it.

  • Mike1956will says:

    Burn in hell, Commie babykiller…

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