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Florida Woman Arrested for Assaulting Rep. Matt Gaetz

A Florida woman was arrested over the weekend after she allegedly assaulted Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., during an event at Miramar Beach.

Authorities were called to the scene and arrested 41-year-old Selena Chambers of Tallahassee after it was “found she intentionally threw a glass of wine at Representative Gaetz after shouting obscenities at him,” according to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement officials said Chambers was “charged with battery on an elected official and issued a $1,000 bond” before being released the following day.

The alleged assault took place as Gaetz and his wife were in attendance for the South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival.

Responding to the alleged assault during his podcast, Gaetz, who has represented Florida’s 1st Congressional District since 2017, said he will press charges against the woman and will “never allow the safety of northwest Floridians to be compromised.”

“We were enjoying catching up with new friends and old,” Gaetz said as he described the events leading up to the assault.

“As I was chatting with one gentleman, a lady threw a drink on the both of us, and she was promptly arrested.”

“I want to thank the great folks at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office who ensured this did not escalate and that everyone is kept safe,” he added.

Gaetz said he will be “pressing charges against this individual in order to uphold the civility our community deserves,” and he described Chambers as a “left-wing author” who “became very obsessed with Donald Trump and engaged in something called resistance expression.”

Describing the incident as “very strange,” Gaetz said, “Whenever there’s a conservative who acts out of line, it’s like the biggest story in the world. But when you get a radicalized leftist breaking the peace in my community, who traveled here by the way from Tallahassee, Florida, I doubt it’ll get the same pickup, but we will make sure that there are appropriate consequences through the legal system because that’s what the safety of our community demands.”

  • Theresa says:

    Look at all the democrats have in common: emotional, angry, warped thinking, blamers, deceivers

  • Stewart Eckols says:

    END LEFTIST VIOLENCE..beat the crap out of every leftist hate monger that assaults us.

  • Mike Wurlitzer says:

    We have allowed the Western Civilization and USA hating left to fight a Unilateral Civil war using “the ends justify the means” while we self restrict ourselves to using Marquis of Queensbury rules. That has to stop and we must use all tactics to destroy the true enemies of the USA, democrat leftists.



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