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First Victim Loses Life as Largest Fungal Infection in US History Breaks Out in Michigan

Billerud, a Swedish company that runs a paper mill in Michigan’s upper peninsula in the city of Escanaba, announced late Thursday that it intended to close the plant for three weeks following a fungal infection outbreak.

The closure comes about a month after the outbreak started and, according to the company, will allow for deep cleaning.

Billerud said the temporary mill closure was a “precautionary measure,” yet, according to the Daily Mail, workers complained that Blastomycosis, a fungal infection, was first diagnosed in February. They also noted that the source of the problem still needed to be identified. Initially, Billerud told their employees to wear face masks to keep infection at bay after workers tested positive, showing they were suffering from a blastomycosis outbreak. The first positive cases were discovered in early March.

Face masks were ineffective at stifling the outbreak, and the numbers rose to 21 confirmed cases and an additional 76 probable cases by the second week of April, According to Delta and Menominee Counties public health officials. The health department also confirmed Friday that the first death resulting from the fungal infection had occurred.

Local health officer Michael Snyder, who is employed at the health department, said:

“We were saddened to hear this news. Our heartfelt sympathies and prayers go out to the family, friends, and coworkers who have lost their loved one.”

Billerud Operations vice president at the mill, Brian Peterson, also added his condolences saying:

“Everyone at Billerud is deeply saddened by this news. Anyone who works at our facility is part of our team, and we are keeping this individual, their family, coworkers, and friends in our thoughts and close to our hearts.”

The Michigan paper mill looks to be the epicenter of what could be one of the largest fungal outbreaks in US history.
The name of the person who passed away has not yet been released, but it was a contractor at the mill who died from infection. Currently, twelve people have had to be hospitalized, and close to 100 more are suspected of having cases.

After confirming the death Friday, officials said they were ‘deeply saddened’ by the fatality and expressed their ‘heartfelt sympathies’ for the family. The cases are confined to only those who work at the mill or who have visited the site. There are no cases in the larger community.

  • Pat says:

    This again shows how important it is to have a strong immune system. Eating junk, not getting sufficient sleep, and stress, play a huge part in compromising the immune system, as does low Vitamin D 3 levels. If your immune system is strong it can fight off foreign invaders efficiently. My husband and I literally never get sick, because we have strong immune systems. We also don’t put any vaccines, real or imagined, into our bodies.

  • Phillip S Budzenski says:

    Since getting mRNA COVID vaccines has led to decreased immunity to other pathogens (viral, bacterial), how many of those contracting blastomycosis had been vaccinated?

    • Crystal Boehm says:

      It is a paper plant. Think about this: Blastomycosis is an infection caused by a fungus called Blastomyces. The fungus lives in the environment, particularly in moist soil and in decomposing matter such as wood and leaves.

  • Maybe we’ll get lucky and this fungus will take out all the commie scum.

  • John says:

    To the evil luciferian Democrats they’ll push it as another Republican conspiracy that will no doubt actually come true in about 6 more weeks when the fake news can no longer contain their fakeness , as another crab and Chinese communist lab invented funded and controlled Democrat luciferian virus Unleashed to slaughter more of the global population to keep them from uprising when they try to implement their luciferian Antichrist oppressive fastest communist New World Order agenda, but of course it’s just a conspiracy like their covid bird- and monkey blaming virus was



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