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First Images of Blown Up Nord Stream Reveals 50 Meter Missing Section of Pipeline

Two subsea pipelines connecting Russia and Germany were blown up last month. The explosions were so powerful that Swedish and Danish authorities said seismic devices in the Baltic Sea region recorded the magnitude of those explosions around M2.3 and M2.1.

EU authorities have guesstimated an explosive load of “several hundred kilos” to destroy Nord Stream pipelines, which triggered four leaks at four locations — two in Denmark’s waters and two in Sweden’s waters.

Almost a month later, neither EU leaders nor Western intelligence agencies can concretely say who blew up NS1 and NS2 in the backyard of NATO. New footage has surfaced of the blown-up undersea pipeline that is more than 80 meters below the surface of the Baltic Sea.

Swedish newspaper Expressen has secured the first public images of the heavily damaged pipelines. They say one section of the pipeline is missing 50 meters of concrete-reinforced steel pipe.

Norwegian company Blueye Robotics operated the underwater drone and captured these images:

Opening to the NS1 pipe that was blown apart in an explosion.

Here’s a video of the underwater drone exploring the badly damaged pipeline.

For context, Bloomberg’s Javier Blas provided specs on the pipes used in NS… He said the NS pipe is very strong.

Now we’ve seen the first images of the Nord Stream damage. One can only imagine that weapons of serious size were used to vaporize entire sections of the pipeline.

  • Waldo says:

    Can’t imagine who would have done this. Iran? No don’t have the
    Capability. Germany? Well they want that gas i thought. Unless they want to accelerate their unsustainable electric availability to kill off some more of their citizens due to freezing this winter. Ukraine? I doubt those Nazis could without USA help. Russia? Of course! They want to lose billions in revenue and add billions to repair the pipeline all just to show those pesky paying customers who’s boss. Or maybe China?! Of course they would! But why? So Russia would have divert all of the gas to them maybe? Oh well, i guess we will never know who is responsible. But we know there are only three players with the capability.

    • 1947 says:

      Don’t for forget or idiot in office who said he would stop the pipeline even if it meant blowing it up, not that its an act of war or anything like that.

  • Shamus says:

    ” One can only imagine that weapons of serious size were used to vaporize entire sections of the pipeline.” It’s highly doubtful that the section was “vaporized” rather than “fragmented and displaced”!

  • Tacitus Kilgore says:

    Yep, It blowed up real good! Who would do such a thing!



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