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“File the F*cking Motion”: McCarthy Responds After Gaetz Threatens Removal

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has McFucking had it with GOP threats to remove him for failing to perform on a laundry list of demands from his party’s Freedom Caucus members.

“If you want to file the motion, file the fucking motion,” McCarthy told GOP colleagues Thursday, after Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) criticized him earlier in the week – giving him a list of demands while threatening to bring a motion to vacate McCarthy’s chair.

Gaetz and other Republicans have slammed McCarthy for dragging his feet on a Biden impeachment inquiry, which the Speaker finally announced earlier in the week. Gaetz, however, says this isn’t enough.

McCarthy also faces another episode of shutdown theater, where Republicans pretend they won’t budge unless Democrats cut spending, or separate Ukraine funding from the stopgap bill, only to cave at the 11th hour in dramatic fashion.

“I showed frustration in here because I am frustrated,” McCarthy told reporters following the GOP meeting. “Frustrated with some people in the conference.”

Gaetz fired back after McCarthy’s outburst.

“Instead of emotionally cursing, maybe the Speaker should just keep his word from January on balanced budgets, term limits and single-subject spending bills,” he told The Hill.

That said, other GOP members are getting a little tired of Gaetz’s threats.

“We don’t try to air our laundry but again, you know, to that point, if somebody wants to file a motion to vacate, then file the f—ing motion to vacate, and that’s it,” said Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL). “And stop holding up everybody’s work, stop holding it, you know, over people’s head like it’s, you know, like, it’s this noose that you’re going to try to get somebody to walk into.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a close McCarthy ally, also called out Gaetz for holding up a Pentagon appropriations bill on Thursday over demands that McCarthy present them with top-line figures for all 12 appropriations bills that are on the table.

“If we’re going to be able to do our job we need every single member in our conference to show up and face everyone else and then we can work out our differences and fund the government,” she said.

  • Jim says:

    Get rid of this RINO speaker, the sooner the better. He should have never been put in the speaker’s chair. I question Green on her support for McCarthy, what does he have on her???

  • Laurie says:

    If gaetz the group did not push him. He wasn’t going to do sno. Gaetz is a hero! We need a house of congress like him. And Ana Paula Luna!

  • TWCop says:

    This again reveals that both the GOP & Democrats are indeed DC’s Swamp creatures as proclaimed by President Trump. They serve their own personal and party needs and are consummate actors in attempting to meet the needs of our beloved nation. November’s state and federal actions in 2024 can’t come to soon! The enemies of our nation are DC’s Swamp Creatures!

  • James Leamons says:

    I am slowly coming to the thought that, maybe, it is time to shoot them all and let God figure this out. Seems to be beyond human capacity to govern, or even to do what they say they will do…

  • Mee says:

    The people must scream for the President to resign or be impeached. Giving oil to China was treason! He broke his Oath of Office on day one by letting illegals flow into this country, which did endanger the citizens (Oath of Office he swears to protect the USA and its citizens.) The USA President threaten the citizens with DEATH if we did fall in line. Death by nuclear weapon! Biden then threatened death to all MAGA Republicans by fighter jets. Biden should have been shown the door! How in the heck is this excusable.



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