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Fetterman Does First Post-Depression Interview and Raises a Multitude of Question

John Fetterman has finally been released from the hospital after suffering from a reported bout of severe depression. The Pennsylvania senator has long been at the center of controversy surrounding his ailing health, largely centering on the massive stroke he had prior to the 2022 election.

Since then, Fetterman has deteriorated in ways that would have led to immediate calls for his resignation were he not a member of the Democratic Party. He can’t speak properly, he can’t understand others properly, and he relies on a closed captioning device to communicate.

It’s good to be a Democrat, though, and the press has been rushing to cover for him since day one.

That continued on Friday with an interview with CBS News that did nothing but raise a multitude of questions.

For starters, is this guy a US senator or not? I’m not trying to downplay his condition. Quite the contrary, but the Senate is not a place to battle depression, much less serious health issues that leave one unable to communicate. The question at hand isn’t how brave Fetterman supposedly is. It’s whether he can do his job, and he obviously can’t. That should be the top issue for every single person who interviews him. Instead, they lavish him with praise while helping him hide his actual condition. It’s dystopian.

Past that, a lot of people noticed where Fetterman’s eyes were going during the interview. Not only is reading the questions on some kind of monitor just off-screen (which CBS News is careful to not show), but he’s pretty clearly also reading his answers. His eyes stay glued to the screen the entire time, with only passing glances at the interviewer herself.

There were also eleven different editing cuts in the 45-second clip that CBS News released. Let me say that again. There were eleven cuts in under a minute.

Those edits weren’t just made for promotional purposes. They were cuts all made during a single question. Why? Because Fetterman takes time to read his monitor and often loses his train of thought. CBS News, instead of being honest with its audience, is trying to hide that fact.

Does that sound like something an honest press would do? If this were a Republican, would they be bending over backward to cover up just how bad things are? We all know the answer to that. Fetterman is not fit to be a US senator. It was easy for anyone to see during the campaign, and he’s even worse off now. Truly, there is nothing the Democratic Party won’t do to hold onto power.

  • cb says:

    Reading the Twitter comments is sickening. People are so brainwashed….all about this loser being a “hero” because he had a stroke and depression. Like with Biden, His wife and handlers should NEVER have allowed him to run but he was a DISGUSTING HORRIBLE SOCIALIST choice BEFORE the stroke. NOPE I do not feel sorry. He along with all the other Dems Are RUINING our country. STOP the emotional virtue signaling!

  • Bueler says:

    Pennsylvania voters elected him. Just goes to show the stupidity of their voters. Let them live with it and suffer the consequences.



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