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Feds: 175 Illegal Aliens Arrested in Nationwide Sting

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency carried out a nationwide sting operation that arrested 175 illegal aliens, all with multiple drunk driving convictions and some who killed Americans.

From August 20 to September 30, ICE agents arrested nearly 200 illegal aliens who had multiple drunk driving convictions across a number of states including the sanctuary states of California and New York.

Aside from drunk driving convictions, some of the illegal aliens arrested in the sting had prior convictions for vehicular homicide, hit-and-run, assault, child abuse, weapons violations, domestic violence, and fraud.

One such illegal alien, a 40-year-old male from Mexico, was convicted of first-degree homicide and had been living in Norcross, Georgia. In another case, a 35-year-old illegal alien male from El Salvador was convicted of second-degree vehicular manslaughter and was living in Bellport, New York.

A 45-year-old illegal alien male from Mexico was also arrested in the sting after having been convicted of causing a fatal hit-and-run. The illegal alien was living in Banning, California.

While the sting operation nabbed many criminal illegal aliens, President Joe Biden’s administration has drastically cut interior immigration enforcement — resulting in a nearly 50 percent drop in arrests of illegal aliens and a 62 percent drop in deportations of illegal alien convicts.

In May, former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan told Breitbart News that Biden is effectively deporting one illegal alien for every 100 illegal aliens arriving at the United States-Mexico border.

  • SweetLadyMary says:

    Bottom line, are these illegals going to be deported! All illegals should be deported.

  • Darlene says:

    I’m never surprised to see how brain dead the whole demoncratic party is.
    You’d think they would do everything to fix their mess not destroy it further.

    If a EEG brain scan was done on the whole bunch of those idiots in charge there wouldn’t be 1 cell that fires

  • Ron says:

    Coulda saved time if they had been arrested before they came into this country! 😀



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