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Federal Prosecutors Indict GOP Rep. George Santos

Federal prosecutors have indicted New York Rep. George Santos (R) on unknown criminal charges, CNN reported on Tuesday.

The charges were filed under seal, but Santos is expected to appear at federal court in New York’s eastern district as early as Wednesday, CNN revealed.

The exact nature of the charges “couldn’t immediately be learned,” CNN reported.

As CNN reported:

The exact nature of the charges couldn’t immediately be learned but the FBI and the Justice Department public integrity prosecutors in New York and Washington have been examining allegations of false statements in Santos’ campaign finance filings and other claims.

The congressman’s attorney declined to comment. Spokespeople for the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office, the Justice Department and the FBI declined to comment.

Along with the federal investigations, Santos is also the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation stemming from his allegedly false claims on the campaign trail.

In his short time in office, the freshman representative has been accused of “breaking campaign finance laws, violating federal conflict of interest laws, stealing cash meant for an Iraq War veteran’s dying dog, masterminding a credit card fraud scheme and lying about where he went to school and worked,” CNN detailed.

Santos has admitted to lying about his resume and family background but has denied the more serious accusations against him.

“I didn’t graduate from any institution of higher learning. I’m embarrassed and sorry for having embellished my resume,” Santos said shortly after winning his election in New York’s third congressional district.

“I own up to that. … We do stupid things in life,” Santos added.

Less than one month after being sworn in, Santos stepped down from his committee assignments following a meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) amid the controversies surrounding his statements.

Santos has faced bipartisan calls to resign from Congress, which he has refused to do.

“I was elected to serve the people of #NY03 not the party & politicians, I remain committed to doing that and regret to hear that local officials refuse to work with my office to deliver results to keep our community safe and lower the cost of living,” Santos tweeted in January.“I will NOT resign!”

  • P says:


  • Jim says:

    Federal prosecutors have indicted New York Rep. George Santos (R) on unknown criminal charges

    Last I knew, in AMERICA, you MUST be told of the charges when Indicted…

    Sick of this GESTAPO CRAP

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    I don’t like Santos and he should be disavowed by consistent Republicans and conservatives. He should be prosecuted if he committed crimes.

    So, when do we get started on the 500 Senators and Representatives who daily commit crimes and treason?

  • Me says:

    The DonnieDOTARD regime HAD 4 FOUR YEARS to PROSECUTE ILLHAM Omar for IMMIGRATION FRAUD… Why didn’t this INCOMPETENT FOOL did anything?

    The same thing can be said to PEDOJoe’s crime family!

    And you EFFING DOTURDs want this EFFING DOTARD back in the White House!!???



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