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FDA to Drop Ban on Sperm Donations from Gay and Bisexual Men

The FDA is set to axe its ban on gay and bisexual men donating sperm, it has been revealed.

Under the current rule, men who have had sex with men within the last five years are blocked from anonymously donating sperm amid fears of HIV infection.

But the agency is now seeking to scrap the blanket ban, and replace it with screening questions that assess a donor’s risk of carrying HIV or other infections.

If approved, the shift would increase the number of anonymous sperm donations available to those seeking fertility treatments.

It could also affect limits on donations of other tissues from gay and bisexual donors.

The Wall Street Journal revealed the news, and said the FDA was planning to finalize its proposal by the summer. If approved by the White House, it could go into effect before the end of this year.

Women whose male partner is infertile or who don’t have a male partner rely on donated sperm to become pregnant.

It comes as IVF is more in demand than ever, with a record 86,000 babies born via the procedure in the US in 2021, the latest year available.

That’s up more than 62 percent from the 53,000 in 2012 when records began — with doctors saying this figure is set to increase.

The growing popularity is due to couples waiting longer to have children, as well as increasing numbers of women opting for IVF without a partner.

Additionally, some surveys show that the number of LGBT couples starting a family has risen by 44 percent over the past decade.

Meanwhile, sperm banks are reporting shortages in the number of samples available for patients.

Experts say trouble was sparked during the Covid pandemic – with fewer donations from young professionals and students, who make up the bulk of the supply.

Many human rights groups have been lobbying the FDA to change its rules around sperm donation for years, calling them ‘outdated’.

The shift comes the year after the FDA permitted gay and bisexual men to give blood – after a long ban due to concerns about HIV.

The FDA banned anonymous sperm donations from gay and bisexual men in the 1980s amid concerns over the accuracy of HIV tests.

It was feared that the swabs would not detect the virus, which could then be accidentally transmitted to someone else.

Under the proposed rule change, the blanket ban will be replaced with a series of questions for donors to screen for HIV risk.

It has not been revealed which questions may be asked. It is thought the new regulations may follow ones updated for blood donation – which involves men being permitted to donate blood providing they had not had any new sexual partners over the previous three months.

There are rigorous precautions already in place for spem donors to prevent HIV transmission.

Donors must test negative for HIV at least twice, with tests being at least six months apart.

  • John sweet says:

    They are just now showing that the covid vaccines carry inherent risk of AID transmission and other physiological illnesses associated with getting the shots and the vaccine is transferred in blood donations and now they are saying that HIV carriers can safely donate sperm? I for one am calling “Bullshit” for more lies that endangered more lives!

  • James C Perham says:

    Wow like that gene pool isn’t already fucked up !!!!

  • APT TO THINK says:

    You know the word “iniquity” in the Bible? It’s the same thing as generational curses basically. Iniquities are passed on through the bloodline and the bloodline in babies is from the father. That’s why alcoholism, types of cancers, anger problems, nervous problems, etc are very often seen in familial lines, if not from the father, from the grandfather and further back. If people would be a little more concerned about what they’re laying on their unborn child, there wouldn’t be so many mental and physical problems in families. Homosexuality embodies the iniquity of lust and lust can be seen in all obsessions, including narcotics and drinking as well as gambling or sexual practices. Getting sperm from a man who has anger problems from the iniquity of anger – when someone flies into a rage for next to nothing – will give that to your unborn child and cause the iniquity to continue. Iniquities can be stood against but not ignored. If you allow a child with the iniquity of anger to through fits all the time because you’re afraid of spanking them, you’ll end up with an embarrassing man someday who can’t control himself.

  • Randie says:

    That’s disgusting. I’m glad I don’t need any sperm donations. I’d have to change my life plan.



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