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FBI Suddenly Dropped Four Investigations Into Clintons Ahead of 2016 Election

The FBI had at least four open criminal investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton that were suddenly dropped in the months before the 2016 presidential election, special counsel John Durham’s recently released report shows.

The bombshell report released by Durham — which concluded that the bureau’s probe into former President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia was “seriously flawed” — also shed light on the quashed probes.

The feds had been looking into claims that foreign countries and other individuals were trying to influence the Clintons through donations to their namesake non-profit and Hillary’s presidential campaign.

Three of the FBI’s four investigations that were launched in early 2016 were looking into allegations that the Clinton Foundation has a hub of “criminal activity.”

Those federal probes originated from field offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington, DC and New York — all of which opened audits into the charity as Hillary was in the midst of her presidential run.

The Little Rock and New York offices were investigating a claim that an outside commercial industry “likely engaged a federal public official in a flow of benefits scheme, namely, large monetary contributions were made to a non-profit, under both direct and indirect control of the federal public official, in exchange for favorable government action and/or influence,” according to the Durham report.

The DC investigation was based on allegations that the Clintons accepted millions in donations from foreign governments — as well as massive Russian corporations — in an attempt to influence US foreign policy dating back to Hillary’s days as Secretary of State, as outlined by political consultant Peter Schweizer in his book “Clinton Cash.”

The fourth investigation looked into allegations made by a “well-placed” source that Hillary continued accepting those illegal donations throughout her presidential campaign.

“Beginning in late 2014, before Clinton formally declared her presidential candidacy, the FBI learned from a well-placed [source] that a foreign government was planning to send an individual to contribute to Clinton’s anticipated presidential campaign, as a way to gain influence with Clinton should she win the presidency,” the report said.

The foreign “individual” reportedly made a $2,700 contribution ahead of a campaign event, which led to another “contribution of a significant sum of money.”

Hillary’s campaign workers “were okay with it” and “were fully aware from the start,” the FBI informant reported.

An unnamed FBI special agent in charge working on the probe told Durham that “everyone was ‘super more careful’” and “scared with the big name [Clinton]” involved.

“They were pretty ‘tippy-toeing’ around [Hillary] because there was a chance she would be the next President,” the report said.

All four probes were dropped ahead of the 2016 election — several of which at the direction of senior FBI officials who had close ties to the Clintons.

Durham concluded that the FBI dragged its feet and failed to pursue the Clinton’s alleged illegal donation scheme or document it properly.

The agency reportedly failed to get wiretapping warrants for their “well-placed” informant during their two-year inside relationship with the Clintons before eventually telling the person to cut ties with the couple.

A spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation denied the non-profit has ever been involved in any illegal activity in a statement to the Daily Mail.

The Durham report, the spokesperson said, “emphasized what’s been clear for many years – there’s never been any wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation.”

“None of the Clintons have ever taken any money from the Clinton Foundation — in fact, the Clintons themselves are major donors to the Clinton Foundation,” the spokesperson added.

  • ON DUTY PI.... OAU. says:

    It’s quite alright’ There is about to be a great group of whistle blowers come forward. Go Fund Me For Whistle Blowers on the Clinton’s, Obama, Goerge Bush , Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi. Whistle blowers will have more security than the FBI or the CIA has Agents to cover. Let alone the Millions they will collect from Go Fund Me. Even Go Fund Me will get a huge Financial Boost. Buying people off for criminal activity runs 2 ways. There will be accountability. NOWHERE TO RUN AND HIDE NOW DEMOCRATS. YOU ARE ROYALY SCREWED, GLUED AND TATOOED!!! AND MSM YOUVE GOT A RUDE AWAKENING AHEAD AS WELL. WE GOT CHA!!!!

  • Bret says:

    Remember how Hillary was let off easy. They listed all of her crimes but would not prosecute. The same here. No justice in the justice system. 3 tiered system. Elite democrats can do anything with no punishment, elite republicans are prosecuted on anything and the rest of us are just peons to the system.

  • John says:

    I guess it’s a bunch of political fascists and we know what party that is, of god hating, Satan worshiping, luciferian pedophile predators and anarchist who love destroying things not thinking that they’re going to suffer too, can maybe switch their agenda to blowing up polling places because we don’t have Fair elections anyway and voting doesn’t matter because it’s time to vote with bullets not ballots, against a communist luciferian fascist fraudulent elected Democrat coup d’etat fake government,it would give these blue haired urine soaked woke dope socialist gender confused demons something to do at night because they never have to wake up to go to a job anyway

  • Barbara Korsmo says:

    Hillary belongs in prison!!! From her time as Secretary and the lives that were lost to her deceit and crimes in politics…including the Clinton Foundation…time for her to be in prison.



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