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Fauci Admits that Covid Vaccines Do Not Protect ‘Overly Well’ Against Infection

Appearing Tuesday afternoon on “Your World” with Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, Fauci – recently recovered from a bout of coronavirus himself – admitted that Covid vaccines “don’t protect overly well against infection” and “didn’t protect [him] against infection,” yet went on to call for a higher rate of vaccination because without it “we’re giving the virus an opportunity to continue to spread in our community.”

“There’s no doubt that the vaccines themselves, particularly vaccine plus a booster at the appropriate time…”

“One of the things that’s clear from the data, that even though vaccines, because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus, don’t protect overly well, as it were, against infection, they protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death,” Fauci told Cavuto.


Fauci went on to credit vaccines for his own “mild course” of the virus, despite the fact that he had to also received two separate courses of the anti-Covid drug Paxlovid during his illness.

Later responding to Cavuto’s question about most people being ready to “move on” from Covid despite a rise in cases of the Ba.5 subvariant, the White House coronavirus advisor insisted “we’re certainly not over it” before calling for a higher vaccination rate to not give “the virus an opportunity to continue to spread in our community.”

So, how exactly would a higher vaccine uptake work to keep Covid from spreading? Good luck getting anyone in televised media to ask Fauci THAT question.

  • PJ says:

    People lost their careers, their homes, because of refusal to take the death jab and this weasel along with many others need to be under the dirtiest prison in the country

  • Thomas Berger, MD, FCCP says:

    There is NO scientific paper to support the frequently heard claim that the Vax causes the infections it fails to prevent to be mild. If that were true, why did Fauchi feel he needed not one but two courses of the anti-viral drug Paxlovid when he got Covid in spite of being Vax’d and boosted?

  • angrybill says:

    Whadaya mean vaccines don’t protect?? Dammit!! They protect just as well as the face masks protected us, right? Just ask fauci….um…never mind.

  • TODD says:

    So many questions?
    1. How does Fauci still get paid over 400K if he’s always one some fk’n talk show if he’s never in his office working?
    2. How come nobody is talking about all the people just dropping dead for now reason? Anybody see the referee in the NBA fall over backwards from standing and die on the spot?

    So many question, but no frigg’n answers!



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