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Fat TikTok Influencer Complains of ‘Discrimination’ After She Struggles to Fit Through Airplane Aisle

A TikTok video recently went viral after it appeared to show a fat social media influencer struggling to make her way down the aisle of an airplane.

Earlier this week, the woman who goes by the name Big Curvy Olivia on TikTok posted a video showing herself having to turn sideways as she makes her way down the aisle of a United Airlines plane. Even as she manages to move forward, her hips and abdomen repeatedly slam into seats and armrests on either side of her.

The aisle was clearly not designed to accommodate someone of her size, and Olivia claimed that it is yet another example of “discrimination” against the obese. “Honestly it’s discrimination that they can’t build wider aisles in airplanes [in] 2023,” said the message accompanying the video.

According to a subsequent video, once she arrived at her destination, Big Curvy Olivia decided to soothe herself for all the shame and humiliation she suffered on account of the firm structure of an aircraft that likely cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. So she upgraded her bungalow accommodations, donned a tiny bikini, and jumped cannonball-style into “a private pool.”

The video of her pool jump is so unflattering to Olivia that OutKicksenior content director Joe Kinsey joked that she jumped “into the tiniest bungalow pool you’re ever going to see BCO jump into. She made it look like a hot tub on a suburban patio.”

Unfortunately, the Big Curvy Olivia TikTok account appears to have been disabled and the two videos removed. Fortunately, both were captured in a New York Post video, which can be accessed here. The following Twitter video includes the airplane segment only:

Several outlets, including the Post, indicated that Olivia had plenty of detractors make comments on her videos:

  • “Those aisles are plenty wide, I’ve seen people squeeze past flight attendants carrying drinks during boarding,” wrote one TikTok user.
  • “The problem is not the aisles…” wrote another.
  • “I’m surprised you’re not complaining about the size of the pool,” yet another user said about the bikini clip.

At the same time, she also received support from plenty of others. “Babe, you DESERVE your own row. They’ll catch on in time!” gushed one person. “As a skinny person, I actually agree. I don’t think it’s discrimination, just annoying we’re all packed in like sardines,” admitted another. Her airplane video had reportedly garnered more than 700,000 views on TikTok before it was removed.

  • AuntieVyris® says:

    As a tall, slenderleft-handed man, I am discriminated against on a DAILY basis. Do you know how hard it is to find clothes that fit me, when everything’s made for short fat people? I have to duck my head a lot and people constantly ask me a height-ist question: “Do you play basketball?” Frikken idiots. Do they walk up to black people and say, “Do you like fried chicken?”

    And it’s even worse, trying to deal with a right-handed world. Three-ring binders, pegged gloves, rental bowling balls… the list goes on and on. End Right Supremacy!

    And now I have to look at some marshmallow trying to squeeze her way into a piggy bank. GROSS!

  • Michael says:

    I have had to sit by people like this at concerts, in buses and on airplanes. They really should be charged for THREE seats because they’re overflowing their seat and using most of the seats adjacent to them. It’s disgusting to sit by folks like this; I should say UNDER folks like this because their bodies and arms always have me pinned to my chair.



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