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Farmers Must Kill 4.2 Million Chickens After Bird Flu Hits Iowa Egg Farm

More than 4 million chickens in Iowa will have to be killed after a case of the highly pathogenic bird flu was detected at a large egg farm, the state announced Tuesday.

Crews are in the process of killing 4.2 million chickens after the disease was found at a farm in Sioux County, Iowa, making it the latest in a yearslong outbreak that now is affecting dairy cattle as well.

Last week, the virus was confirmed at an egg farm west of Minneapolis, Minnesota, leading to the slaughter of nearly 1.4 million chickens.

Overall, 92.34 million birds have been killed since the outbreak began in 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Although bird flu has become somewhat common among poultry, its spread to cattle has added to worries about the disease.

In May, a second dairy farmworker was diagnosed with bird flu, and the virus was detected in both beef and milk. It has been confirmed on dairy cattle farms in nine states.

Health and agriculture officials have said the risk to the public remains low.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the meat from a single sickened dairy cow was not allowed to enter the nation’s food supply and beef remains safe to eat.

Workers exposed to infected animals are at a higher risk.

The only three human cases confirmed in the United States included two dairy workers and one man working to slaughter infected birds on a poultry farm.

  • Don says:

    93 Million Chickens since 2022. Let that sink in. How many Cows and Pigs have they killed over supposed diseases in them. I do not trust the government. I do not trust the USDA, FDA, any of the Alphabet agencies to do anything good for citizens, I do trust them to do good for their own selfish ambitions.

    Now that’s something I can get behind. We know this is a globalist/WEF government. So, what more would one expect. Every policy that comes out will not be good for the majority, only the wealthy minority.

    Humans eat meat. Humans eat eggs. Many humans eat a balanced diet, while others do not. If steak is $20 a lb? How many humans can afford to eat it? Bugs and sludge just like Bill Gates who is buying up all the farm land and growing GMO food says.

    In Oregon the state is trying to regulate well water for small farms and shut them down if they are not complying with their demands. They even hired more regulators to do this. Yes small farms, not large ones!

  • Scott says:

    Just interesting how this became a thing all of a sudden. Wonder which world control nut though this was a good idea.

  • Teresa says:

    Here goes the price of eggs again! I call BS on all of it! They are taking our meat supplies away trying to force us to eat “ze bugz” while they dine on filet mignon!

  • Ric says:

    I call bullshit. Where are all the dead and dying chickens? Just another bullshit attempt to control our food supply. WHERE ARE ALL THE CHICKEN FARMERS SAYING THEIR CHICKENS ARE SICK? WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?A



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