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Far-Left Extremists Torch Police Training Center in Atlanta — Cops Say 35 Detained So Far

The construction site of Atlanta’s future Public Safety Training Facility – dubbed “Cop City” – has been attacked by Antifa-affiliated leftists. At least one construction vehicle was set ablaze.

Antifa Mastadon “news” account posted: “Forest defenders have taken over the police surveillance outpost on the power line clearing near Intrenchment Creek. Police retreated after crowd arrived at barbed wire fence and shot fireworks into the area.

Reporter Billy Heath tweeted “CONSTRUCTION SITE BURNS: Huge plumes of smoke and massive police response after @defendATLforest / #StopCopCity protesters face off with police at the site of Atlanta’s future Public Safety Training Facility. I’m told Molotov cocktails were thrown. Construction equipment is on fire now. This is on Key Road SE. Police are moving quickly to various areas across the expansive site. #BREAKING #ATL #ATLANTA

Andy Ngo pointed out that today’s direct action was preplanned with a “week of action” promoted on Twitter: “The violent attacks in #Atlanta today were organized. The direct actions were promoted weeks ago on the main account of the group representing the domestic terrorism movement to use violence to prevent a first responder training center southeast of Atlanta.”

“There is a massive police presence along Key Road in southeast Atlanta as FOX 5 was told protestors were actively clashing with officers. We have since been told the protest has been contained and many of the protestors have scattered into the woods. A Georgia State Trooper told FOX 5 photographer Billy Heath that rocks, sticks and even a Molotov cocktail were thrown at police,” according to Fox 5.

Heath updated the situation on Twitter, adding “Multiple law enforcement agencies have locked down Key Road SE while officers secure the site that has been referred to as “Cop City” by @defendATLforest / #StopCopCity protesters. Protesters held a rally nearby at 5PM and began to march toward the area currently under construction with makeshift shields. A riot began shortly thereafter when rocks, sticks, and other items were thrown at officers. Large smoke plumes filled the sky and I saw one tractor on fire. You can hear the @Atlanta_Police helicopter ahead and several pops in the distance. Key Road SE is quiet at the moment. #atl #news #breaking #atlanta”

The APD released a statement last night announcing 35 “agitators” have been arrested so far and more “protests” are being planned.

On March 5, 2023, a group of violent agitators used the cover of a peaceful protest of the proposed Atlanta Public Safety Training Center to conduct a coordinated attack on construction equipment and police officers. They changed into black clothing and entered the construction area and began to throw large rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police officers.

The agitators destroyed multiple pieces of construction equipment by fire and vandalism. Multiple law enforcement agencies deployed to the area and detained several people committing illegal activity. 35 agitators have been detained so far.

The illegal actions of the agitators could have resulted in bodily harm. Officers exercised restraint and used non-lethal enforcement to conduct arrests.

With protests planned for the coming days, the Atlanta Police Department, in collaboration with law enforcement partners, have a multi-layered strategy that includes reaction and arrest.

The Atlanta Police Department asks for this week’s protests to remain peaceful.

  • John says:

    It’s time we take back our America!!! we should all be tired of these terrorist attacking Americans. We should treat them like the terrorist They are and start fighting back. This is why we have to protect our Second Amendment rights and this is why they should be claimed has a terrorist group by the FBI, and by the way, where are they FBI ? how come they’re not down there investigating these terrorist because you know why they probably agree with what they are doing so it’s time for real Americans to start protecting real Americans !! DONT TRUST THE FBI!!

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    It is time the government put a bounty on the heads of antifa members just like they did with isis and saddam’s henchmen. Antifa needs prosecuted the same as a foreign terrorist organization and anyone who supplies funding to them or provides bail money should be prosecuted for ading in terrorism. Top that off by stripping the access to social services from anyone affiliated with antifa.

  • Hunt them down
    Drag them out
    Crush their skull with a brick

  • T Blair says:

    And they will be out of jail by days end.. thanks to liberal judges and prosecutors



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