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Fani Willis Friend Contradicts Key Claim About Nathan Wade Affair

A former “good friend” of District Attorney Fani Willis testified Thursday that she has “no doubt” Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade had a “romantic” relationship starting in 2019, contradicting Willis’ statements in court.

Robin Yeartie, a former Fulton County DA employee and self-described “good friend” of Willis, said Thursday she has “no doubt” Willis and Wade were in a romantic relationship starting in 2019 to when her and Willis last spoke in 2022.

This contradicts Wills’ claims in court that she and Wade “have been professional associates and friends since 2019,” and “there was no personal relationship” between her and Wade in November 2021 at the time of Wade’s appointment.

“You have no doubt that their romantic relationship was in effect from 2019 until the last time you spoke with her?” attorney Ashleigh Merchant questioned.

“No doubt,” Yeartie said.

Yeartie said that she and Willis met in college, and when she was employed in the district attorney’s office her and Willis were “good friends,” but had not spoken since 2022, after Yeartie resigned from her post.

Yeartie testified that she knew Willis and Wade began their relationship shortly after meeting at a conference in Nov. 2019.

“And when I say personal – romantic,” Merchant probed. “I just want to make sure we don’t get in an argument over what personal and romantic is,” she said.

“Yes,” Yeartie responded.

Yeartie was asked that since she saw Willis at work “every day”, that she had a chance to see Willis and Wade “interact on a personal level.”

“And so from everything that you saw, heard, witnessed, is your understanding that they were in a romantic relationship, beginning in 2019?”

“Yes,” she said.

When asked by Steve Stadow, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, Yeartie confirmed that she observed Willis and Wade “hugging” and “kissing” and showing “affection” prior to November first of 2021.

  • Jack Tripper says:

    This is what you get when you make elections and appointments based on gender and color instead of a merit based system. The incompetence is overwhelming. The arrogance is breath taking.



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